Samsung Galaxy S10E review: smaller, cheaper, better

The Samsung Galaxy S10E is the smaller variant of the S10 and S10 Plus released this month. It’s 5.8” screen spans edge-to-edge with a hole-punch camera that we’ve seen across this year’s Galaxy S10 lineup. Samsung claims the “e” stands for “essentials,” but there’s a lot more to this phone than just that. In an era of giant phones getting larger, the S10E shows that smaller doesn’t have to mean worse.

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40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10E review: smaller, cheaper, better”

  1. Drake 816

    I got my S10e on April and do not regret it, comfortable, light, it is fast and have great memory. Love the fingerprint, Bixby function, the sound and cameras.

  2. T C

    So far, I love this phone. I've had it for a few days. It's such an up grade from the J3. She is right about the price dropping. Verizon is having a buy one and get one free through Mother's Day if you add a fourth line.

  3. B R

    Yes it is a nice phone. Smaller phone factor is very good. I installed awesome blackberry virtual keyboard and blackberry hub. It almost feels like my old blackberry z10. Yes it is a very good phone from all screen phones.

  4. 9,999damage

    I'm using the s10e atm but I'm not sure I'm on board with it. the way fullscreen works on YT, you have to pinch and zoom to get truly fullscreen, which cuts out a noticeable amount of the display. Also, bluelight filters don't make up for this so the edge of the screen is not protected and you can see the bluelight bleeding out, which also makes viewing slightly uncomfortable. In addition, the phone gets hot pretty easily/battery has no problem depleting quickly..

  5. Sung Yoon

    I got mine for $500 w/ $200 trade-in (10 yr old LG) & student discount. And I got DeX cable for $22 + wireless charger for $15. $587 for all with tax. DeX got rid of my notebook need (use only for presentation anyway) & will not go back to wired charging again. Excellent bargain. And can't think of a better phone for me & I totally agree with you. Oh, remapped Bixby button with adb & ButtonMapper App. Terminus & LinuxOnDeX = Close to perfection as I can imagine. Bye iPhone.

  6. Nathan McMahon

    My work bought this phone. I actually think this is one of the best phones, ever. Snappy, vibrant, simple and without gimmicks. Be cautious of what phone case you get. The one on ours makes it VERY tricky to get the fingerprint sensor to work.

  7. pinkfreud62

    I don't like big phones. I had an iPhone 4 and I thought that was a good size for my pocket. I have a 7s Edge and that's plenty big for me. I already have a laptop and I don't need one in my pocket.

  8. Mr Marcus

    I think it's a badass phone I bought the S9 Galaxy last year because of the size and I want this phone because of the size also I'm always sticking it in and out of my pocket constantly and I used to have an S7 Galaxy before the last night so 5.8 it's not that small to me, I found a phone for $600 on eBay, international model I'm probably going to wait another two months to get it for 550 bucks because right now I'm still enjoying my S9 Galaxy since I just got that one URI update how about 2 months ago sincerely mr. Marcus

  9. Juvani Aaron

    I really enjoyed this review and I'm glad all other comments reflect this as well. Please get her to do more reviews, they're really good for those that want a real review without going to much into the specs of the phone

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