Samsung Galaxy S10 X Will Be a MONSTER

Samsung Galaxy S10 X which is Samsung’s 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 will be a spec and feature powerhouse. Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors suggest the device will be released on March 8th. Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors also suggest there will be 4 models in total

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25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 X Will Be a MONSTER”

  1. Nancy Jerry

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  2. Akshit Patidar

    Samsung may not be as good as others in a particular section but if u talk about overall performance there is no better brand then samsung. They may not top in each and every aspect but they surely make there place between some of high end devices. I love this robustness of samsung.

  3. Giri Aprian

    Crapsung started rip-off chinese phone.
    here the list crapsung in 2019 :
    -12gb ram (xiaomi)
    -triple camera (huawei)
    -infinity o (huawei)
    -v notch (oppo)
    -and many more (coming soon)

    thats it samsuck stole idea from.

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