Samsung Galaxy S10 – Will REVOLUTIONISE Smartphones!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 – Will REVOLUTIONISE Smartphones! #Filmora9
Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus – Best Smartphone 2019? My offcial Unboxing and hands on review video coming soon! But in this video I look at the latest leak / leaks / leaked images and videos, renders and rumors! Battery, camera and speed test videos to come after launch, release date!

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27 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 – Will REVOLUTIONISE Smartphones!”

  1. Will Herman

    Honestly, just gonna wait for the Note 10.

    I've had 4 of them since the Note 3 (luckily missed out on the Note "Fire"!) and I have loved each one. Hoping the Note 10 will be the next "game changer"…

  2. Lillian smith

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  3. Martin Mendoza

    It the predictions come true, I will have to pass Samsung this time. I love Samsung but I hate curved displays. Best quality camera is also my priority. So the Galaxy S10 lite will have flat display but probably camera which is not best. So sad.

  4. Miguel F

    These prices are unsustainable. These companies have lost touch with reality. I and anyone with a rational mind refuses to pay more then 600eur for a flagship phone. Which in itself is already ridiculous considering your are buying a PHONE! Not a laptop or a desktop which at these prices are already way cheaper and much more powerful and versatile. An iMac is nothing more then laptop hardware integrated into a display. Ever wondered why Apple stopped updating the Mac Pro's? Cause no one needed to buy A WHOLE NEW MACHINE every couple of years.. That was the beauty of modular. It would last you longer after a bigger initial investment but less prone to faults and if anything broke you just had to replace that part instead of a whole computer and better yet you could in most cases do it yourself without the need for a repair center. Today's management do not care about the USER… They care about earnings reports for shareholders that's why you get the most ridiculous updates every six months with a huge price increase with absolutely no added value. But the sheeple need more and more… The indoctrination has worked flawlessly. The destruction of morals, family values and common sense was 10 times more effective then Hitler's "final solution". Hoards of tech zombies who cannot grasp the actual value of things and are willing to pay whatever price just like any methhead would for their next fix..

  5. Boy Hapay

    Sorry, "revolutionize" is a strong word. I don't think a punch hole camera on a display is revolutionary. Sell these phones for $100-150 with top specs, now that's revolutionary.

  6. Mark Stelzl

    I love the note 9. But keep switching to my pixel 3 xl as a daily driver. Very user friendly and does most things that other phones do. The infinity O display is not very eye pleasing at all. They should have put in a year drop style notch if anything. The little bit of screen above the hole is absolutely useless. So you might as well say it has a side notch. Will wait until the note 10 and pixel 4 are released and see what they bring. Sorry Samsung. You may loose some money on this venture. 😢

  7. Hypn0tic K.O

    I see a lot of people complaining about the punch out but before that people were complaining about the notch. I personally dont care about the punch out and i dont understand the big issue people are making it out to be. In other words you cant satisfie anyone these days and i dont care about the punch out. I will be getting either the 10 plus 6.4 or the 5G 6.7 version. I think the 5G version is a gimmick to sell the phone but im more interested in the size of the phone. Im not a fan of the note line up and thats why i wouldn't just wait for that plus its not worth the extra money in my opinion.

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