Samsung Galaxy S10+ Unboxing!

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is here! Check out the updated design, new display, and more. Pre-order’s begin February 21st, and the Galaxy S10 release date is March 8th! Subscribe for more:

Galaxy S10 vs S10+:
Galaxy S10e Hands On: soon
Galaxy S10 Ultrasonic Fingerprint: soon

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10+ Unboxing!”

  1. Kevin Francis

    As an Apple user for 4 years (I was 7 when I started using my first apple product which was an iPad Air 2) I was always on apples side because of what can it do and comparing them to android. But now I’m upgrading in December and finally woke up to thinking that THIS PHONE IS THE PHONE IM LOOKING FOR.

  2. Itzel Neptune

    Damn I really need a new phone I've been having mines since 6 years and it's cracked broken from the edges and peeling from the back and sometimes I can't type and it wouldn't change unless I left it in a certain position

  3. Damien S.

    Thanks Samsung for finally including a screen protector installed from factory. Not the best but sure better than the old thick plastic with branding all over it that your forced to remove and use the phone either without a screen protector or a horrible screnp protector that carrier store sells. At least you can get by with this until your Whitestone dome glass comes in the mail

  4. Erick Coffee

    Am I the only person who doesn’t care that the iPhones don’t have a headphone jack I never used it on my 6 plus and when o bought the 7 plus I really didn’t care and now I have the Xs Max and I still don’t care

  5. FaZe Pato 9

    Hey tim shofield, s10 haves a promotion to exchange a fortnite skin, i can’t buy an s10 because it’s so expensive but i would appreciate if you could put in the s10+ my fortnite account so i can get the skin (Ikonik)

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