Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy S9 Plus: Comparison

Sometimes flagships don’t change that much from year to year, but the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S line from Samsung was always bound to be special. The Samsung Galaxy S10 offers significant improvements over its predecessor and we drill into them right here as we compare the S10 and S9 in detail.

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As Samsung’s Galaxy S range turns 10 years old, the company decided to release something extra special. This is the biggest shake-up for the series we’ve seen in years. The new S10 lineup is stunningly stylish and packed with cutting-edge tech. If you’re tempted, we don’t blame you but last year’s Samsung flagship is also still a good phone.

Whether you’re wondering if you can save some cash by buying the older model, or you’re trying to decide if it’s worth upgrading, this comparison should help. How does the new Samsung Galaxy S10 measure up against last year’s S9? Let’s find out.



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31 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy S9 Plus: Comparison”

  1. Hector Reyes

    I use samsung because I like the way they customize android and also their designs are elegant and fancy, this is my personal opinion, sorry for my English I'm not a native English speaker, I'm from Colombia and here you can get a NEW s9 plus for 450$ so it's basically half the price, I prefer the s9 plus, it looks better, it works almost the same โœŒ๐Ÿป

  2. anik khan

    I have an s9 plus, I would have been crazy jealous of s10 plus, but that camera in the middle of the screen totally ruined s10 plus, I wouldnt buy it even if I had 1000 dollars right now.

  3. Martin Cowling

    Not much difference to both phones. All they seem to have done is made the camera's a little better with more memeory space. I have the S9 plus 256GB 6Gb Ram design as if you don't do your reserch before juming straight in is that they just seem to move features around as there is no notification light on the s10 now and no irish scanner. If your no fan of space and not a fan of taking selfis, I would still decide to get the s9 plus. Get a grip samsung , the Nofification light was mostly what I looked for and others too. But no matter what you decide to like , you will never decide because another design is out every year.

  4. Rory O'Donnell

    Does the S10 or S10 plus really feature โ€˜scratch resistant technology?โ€™ By means of self repairing/healing scratches….
    Or was this just a load of ballony that I heard on the grapevine?????


    S9 is a much better deal. Same phones at a cheaper price. Huh, just think, last year the s9 was the phone to beat. Lol. Naw, s8 is a great phone. Stop being fooled by these quacks. They're tryna sell the phone off of the camera, yet the s8 & s9 cameras are world class. Go for the one cheaper in price & you'll have a great phone. Don't believe the hype.

  6. Verrat

    the only reason to upgrade is for that +2gb ram, newer chip, ultrawide mode and more battery. The +2gb ram is not needed if you dont keep all your background apps running 24/7, which no sane person should do, the newer chip wont make that much of a difference, and you wont notice it at all. i dont see myself using the ultrawide mode so the only proper reason to go for this phone is the battery, now why would i pay ยฃ400 for just a better battery.

  7. LegacyKami Z

    Rn I have the s8 and Iโ€™ve gotten chance to get a new phone(getting your grades up actually pays off lol).
    At first I wanted the s10+,period.But then I thought to myself that maybe I should get the s9+.It was a Hell of a debate XD
    Still donโ€™t know which phone to get lol

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