Samsung Galaxy S10 will be launched next year in February. Samsung yesterday showcased its new technology which could end up on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ The Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks suggest the device will have a dedicated NPU chip. The Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors also suggest the device will come with 5 color options. There will be 3 models, the regular S10, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and a flat Galaxy S10.

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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 – OMG! THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY”

  1. Johnny Chimpo

    Samsung schooled everyone. Pixels are working on the screen as a speaker tech but I have no idea if they can get the cameras behind the display since Google doesn't build displays.

    Meanwhile in the US all you here is talk of regulation and wahwahwah. Samsung owns the screen technology.

  2. Mike Autida

    apple phone will always be perceives as a better phone than samsung because of the american brand. even if samsung makes their phone fly or teleport, it will never surpass the iphone. its the american brand.

  3. Tim

    nice, but can they wait til 2020 or late 2019 to come out with this smh… every year a new damn phone, what they hurting for money… and I got the s9+ in may upgraded from note 5. so I guess I'll upgrade when i feel like it not because of fomo lol

  4. Paul Hope

    Congrats Samsung.. Great effort and nice tech but really not that big a deal for me personally.
    My G7 has a notch.. but I dont even notice it.
    I've got big hands, previously had an S6 edge but I really didnt like the curved screen picking up my finger touches just from holding it… so I guess that rules the top tier Samsung phones out of the equation for my next upgrade, Ah well… :/

  5. Hasim 030

    Samsung never dissapoints, i think the camera also will be under the screen if they gonna put a hole in the screen for the camera i will not buy it. I will buy the huawei mate 20 pro instead! I prefer a notch than a hole.. but i think it will be under the screen !! cant waitt pfff

  6. Mensch Meier

    Its not a revolution. Its just a little bit more screen. To be exact: A very very very little bit more screen. No new way for identification, no hologramm tech, no AR news, no new opportunity for accessories. The S10 will be the S9. The average user dont care about this little piece. The phones are finshed in development. The next couple of year it will be boring for techies. The right way goes apple: Invent and invest a lot of data security and private sphere. Because all other phones on the market are data whores and spy devices. So make shure: Android is Google and Google is not a nice company. The just want your data. Android cost nothing for phone producers.They get it almost for free from google. The money get google by soaking out the user.
    WhatsApp, Insta, Facebook, Snapchat is Suckerberg, the most son of bitches on the planet. So be ready for Mad Max last part.

  7. CJ Bart

    This is so cool. I'm an iphone user and one big thing that makes me stick to iphone is the imessage. I always thought android phones are better was better in more aspects compared to the iphone. I would switch to android in a heartbeat if they find something similar that's integrated into their native messaging app.

  8. Toro Loco

    i love that so many people buy iphones because it only makes samsung tech (and others) get better. without isheep, i doubt they would give us this mindblowing innovations. they would probably get complacent

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