Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL Confirmed Features! Galaxy F Foldable, Galaxy A7 triple cameras, Galaxy S10 Plus 5G, Galaxy A9 Star Pro 4X Fun & More.



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25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL – ENTER THE FUTURE!!!”

  1. livolsi54

    I can not wait to get the s10+I'm so pumped I dont care what it costs I'm getting it and it will be the green or silver it can't come fast enough for me I have been with samsung since the galaxy 3 so the 10+ will be a milestone for me love Samsung Galaxy bar none the best android phone in the world


    I'm still on the Galaxy S8… I think i will use it 2 more years or until it dies, if the S10 offers nothing special. I mean in-display-camera or less bezels are nothing special for me to upgrade to a newer phone…

  3. tombell12

    Sad to see that the future involves fancy, 'fashionable' phones with no removable battery. I don't like living in a "form over function" world. A no-frills smartphone with a removable battery, that I'd much rather have. I prefer practical over "premium".


    The 3 camera idea is so rediculously Lame !!
    Nice sales gimmick attempt Samsung… That the Best you got as far as WOW factor is concerned huh?? EXACTLY.. Note 80 with 65 cameras in it..

    LOOK!!! 3 Cameras all in one cell phone!! AWESOME!! Not..
    Whack Yo…

    I have owned all of the Galaxys in the Gslaxy line and I have always been really happy with them.. EXCEPT MY 9… This phone is trash by cell phone standards and new improvements standards in my opinion.. So unhappy with my 9.. Luv to hear what others who own the Galxay 9 think about thier 9 phone……

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