Samsung Galaxy S10 – MORE SECRETS REVEALED!!!

Samsung Galaxy S10 More Secrets Revealed Thanks to One UI, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy A10 Pro In display fingerprint scanner, Galaxy M20 Notch Leaks & More!


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38 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 – MORE SECRETS REVEALED!!!”

  1. Anas CP

    Phones are great but i have not yet digested about the name S10 5G..Something like S10 SE would be great..Anyway in 2-3 years every phones would be 5G enabled and that makes S10 5G gross..

  2. Cedric Akangah

    I hope only the S10, 10 Plus and Note 10 make it through at the same screen size. No need to add an S10 Lite or 5G variant, Samsung needs to chill, get matured and act like an established brand!

  3. Sandra Crump

    If the leaks are accurate and the Note 10 does have an 8k display, then this will be a very nice phone. The 6.75 inch display will be huge. The processor will be powerful and fast. What I'd like to know more about this phone or series of phones is the modem. What type of modem will it have? Will be the latest / best modem on the market? We will have to wait to see…

  4. John Evans

    Hmmm…yesss…I look forward to the Note10. the Note8 was amazing…like "WHY didn't I jump on the Note series SOONER" amazing. I wanted to wait for the Note9, but I needed a new phone at the time ASAP.

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