Samsung Galaxy S10 LIVE!!!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Live look is here! First Real Image confirming all the details, Special Galaxy S10 Colors, Galaxy M30, Reverse Wireless charging & More!

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20 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 LIVE!!!”

  1. Mason

    What's the point in reducing the top bezel so much that you need a stupid camera cut out if you're still going to have a big chin? Probably the first Samsung upgrade I'll be skipping since…the oringal S1.

  2. Emon Khan

    Samsung is doing the infinity o display because of us. We don't give a shit about internals. If we hadn't be like this then Samsung could have jumped straight to new infinity.

  3. Daniel

    It looks nearly like S9… S8…
    The only difference is the camera on screen, but nothing revolutionary..
    Definitely nothing to convince me to replace Note9…

  4. redX111t

    S7 edge is still a rock solid phone, was thinking of upgrading this year, but probably still waiting for the phone that has that all screen front. IMO they should make a version with no front facing camera, I have probably never used the selfie camera anyway.

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