Samsung Galaxy S10 – It Needs to be EPIC!

Early Look at the Samsung Galaxy S10. It needs to be amazing and it has to be the best phone of 2019 especially with Huawei coming for the first spot for most smartphone sales. Here is what the S10 is going to look like based on rumours and leaked details.

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 – It Needs to be EPIC!”

  1. Spine

    This is the most bullshit biased negative review I have seen. This guy literally has no idea what he's talking about. Catch up?? Samsung are known for their innovation I can write an endless list of smartphone innovations from Samsung. Samsung were the first to use ultrasonic tech which is much more secure and faster than optical tech.

  2. Kaz Niaz

    Playing catch up? No mate. Also the in display fingerprint sensor is going to be a faster ultrasonic one, not optical like we've seen recently. Also that hole in display tech is exclusive to Samsung right now. No other company has or can do this with an OLED display.

  3. Joe Mama

    Remember that the galaxy line of phone are using an 18:9 aspect ratio and most content is produced for 16:9, so having that camera cut out won't affect most media that doesn't support that aspect ratio

  4. Daniel Battaglia

    "Playing catch-up" let's be honest, the only company playing catch-up is Apple. Samsung is making a big step forward especially with a in-display fingerprint scanner. The only company that has it is one plus and it's probably going to be not as secure or as good as Samsung's. And colorful smartphones? How does a company play catch-up in that arena? Samsung's released a purple, blue, gold, silver, and black phone last year right? I'm glad they're expanding it to more colors but don't act like all their phones have been black and white. It sounds like you're trying to say "well Apple made colorful phones so if another company makes phones with any color well guess they're playing catch-up" I'm sorry but that sounds stupid.

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