Samsung Galaxy S10 event in under 15 minutes

Four new Galaxy S10 phones — and that’s not even including the Fold.

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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 event in under 15 minutes”

  1. Liang Zhao

    The screen of Galaxy S10 is crumpled even worse than HuaWei Mate X. The inconvenient crease flashed at 3:59 in this footage! I think both HuaWei and Samsung are not treated this folding crease properly either at this point, but it is clearly that HuaWei is one step ahead.

  2. Antiqas 86

    If I would see galaxy fold in my friends hand I would have hard time keeping any respect for that person. 2000 dollars could be spent in 2000 better ways including an amazing phone and an amazing laptop, both better at being themselves and have spare cash left. Example- oneplus 6 and surface pro.

  3. Rick Mckay

    New tech's always not for the general market. Its for rich folks keen for new tech, allowing it to cover for the development cost. Stop crying about it being 2k, it wasnt meant for u in the first place. When it develops more and the price lowers, then it'll be for you.

  4. Gary D

    A woman went to a pet store to buy a parrot. She found one for 20 dollars. She asked why so cheap. The clerk told her that it came from a whore house. She figured that was ok so she bought it. When she got home the bird looked around and said "new house. New madame" the woman was a little surprised but let it drop. Her teen daughters came in and the parrot said " new house. New madame. New girls" well they let this go too. Finally the ladys husband came in and the parrot said "hi Bob"

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