Samsung Galaxy S10 Design CONFIRMED! New Leaks

iPhone Killer Inbound! The Samsung Galaxy S10 Looks INCREDIBLE! Full S10 & S10 Plus Designs Leak. Huge Leaks & Rumors Update.

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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Design CONFIRMED! New Leaks”

  1. patrick jackson

    Stop with processor speed. Optimization of software is key to a device running smoothly. We have seen that with iPhones since iOS 7 where they will lag and become slow their processors didn’t help there. I have a xs max and I know that for a fact plus having the new iPad Pro 11 and last years 10.5 and 12.9.

  2. SpAcEd OuT hUh

    Most of these comments are people going back and forth about which phone is better.. It’s just a phone you have a Samsung good for you. You have a iPhone good for you. They both have the advantages and disadvantages stop fighting about it

  3. Samir thatboss

    Basically statistics show that:
    90% of comments praise Samsung
    5% mention apple in their comments
    3% talk about everythingapplepro
    2% other stuff

    Hopefully the price on phone won’t be 2000000 grand

  4. Calum Smith

    Looking at this I think there’s only 2 flaws
    1) it ruins the whole Symmetry that a smartphone is supposed to have (that’s only if it’s at the side)
    If it’s in the centre then this isn’t a flaw

    2) it probably would still have a chin and a slight head….. whyyyyy

    I’m currently using a Xs Max so I cant be arsed giving up a £1249 phone, I’m not an isheep, I do praise Samsung phones, and sometimes pixels if they’re lucky, and I know that Samsung’s phones are better in some ways, but also this phone is better than Samsung’s in other ways. and the s10 seems like it’ll be the phone with the least flaws for me, well, hardware wise, but cause of the software, I’m not sure id switch, Samsung is an amazing company, the thing that’s holding me back is Android, I’ve tried android and you don’t know how uncomfortable I felt with Android.

    So my dream phone would be a Samsung S10, with iOS software. But that’ll Never happen. I’d also say with apples design, you know of the stainless steel rounded sides & the camera, looks more modern to me but that’s something the I could give up, but I ain’t giving up iOS for Android. I think if Apple doesn’t do something spectacular in 2021 (which is when I’m switching) then there’s a chance I’ll switch to Samsung. But that’s only if it’s worth it to have The Android software. We’ll see ?

  5. Dipanjan Biswas

    I was hoping to see a link in the description to download the wallpapers that you used on your S10, S10 Lite and S10+ mock up. Specially the one on the S10+, it looks so dang nice. Please share it with us.

  6. Daniel Kiss Gremsperger

    WHAT IF the front facing camera in a phone is implemented under transparent pixels. We have seen transparent tv already so why dont just leave a little part in the phone screen with this tech and place a camera under it???? Or am i in the future?

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