Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Should you UPGRADE?

In this video, we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

A lot of people that own and love the Note 9 are asking this question: shall I upgrade from my Note 9 to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

So let’s dive in and do a full analysis to see if it’s worth the upgrade.

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37 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Should you UPGRADE?”

  1. Rafael Leivas Nunes

    Really thinking of getting the note 9 with a better price now. I use a pixel 2xl and love this camera. But don't even consider getting the S10. I'm looking forward to getting this productivity machine with the SPen!

  2. JJ dmd

    Note 9 to s10 to s10 plus i say its easier and more pocketable…and i see smoother gameplay on fortnite. Upgrade because my note 9 battery had degraded now has an hour more screen in time
    I only used my spen once ?
    Super wide camera is the best upgrade of all

  3. J G

    I dont understand the headphone Jack issue. What's wrong with bluetooth headphones? I've used them on my pixel 2xl, then now note 9. No wires and great sound. Why the obsession with the Jack?

  4. Total Noob Sauce

    I like your detailed vids, but you've done two videos on this. Your pretty much repeating what you said in your Note 9 and s10+ comparison vid. Did you really need to do two videos ?

  5. Ibnahoo

    I wish you will compare the connections speed and stabilities.. Besides the speed of computing and moving between apps in your next videos whether you review a new product or making comparisons

  6. Joel Costa

    Em looking to buy Samsung but confuse whether to buy Note 9 ya S10..N finally through this video I got my answer so I will surely go for Note 9.. Thank you saki….

  7. Presto

    I'm in the market about to buy today but I still can't decide. I'm dropping the iPhone. I had iPhones since iPhone 2. I guess it will come down to the better price or deal at my carrier

  8. james kagwe

    If you are a note user dont upgrade. Wait for the note 10. If you want to buy a new phone, buy the s10 plus. Its a good phone and when upgrading will have more trade in value

  9. Pacert Smith

    Most of the comments are dead on. Note users upgrade to a Note, Not the S series. As im watching this on my Note 9 rolling my eyes and treating my Note 9 like a

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