Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How to Mirror Your Screen to a TV (Connect to TV)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How to Mirror Your Screen to a TV

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47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How to Mirror Your Screen to a TV (Connect to TV)”

  1. Byron Jack Carter

    I just bought hdmi cable type C, can appear on my TV but no sounds even if i did full volume on both phone and tv, any special settings on my Note 9 phone? Please do advice and looking forward for your reply.
    Thank you and regards.

  2. manish dewani

    hi I'm try to connect my note nine to my projector via the playstation, I need to use a streaming app but theres no way I can figure, also can I connect a firestick to the ps3(that'll solve my problem), thanks

  3. dumo2043

    Hi I was wondering if for instance if I'm watching a TV show on my cellphone "Galaxy Note s9 " can I send it to my fat PS3 and be able to watch it on my TV like a TV show from fox, or some other TV channel?

  4. David Myhr

    There is a deal breaking problem for a small segment of Note 9 users that film using an external monitor connected with a type C to HDMI cable dongle. When the camera is enabled in the landscape mode the monitor is switched to portrait mode and a message is displayed to the effect that landscape mode is not available when Smart View is enabled OR a HDMI connection is used. This essentially renders an external monitor useless and only occurs when in the camera mode. Why Samsung implemented this function in the camera is a mystery as no other app exhibits it. I have tried different cables and different camera apps and nothing tried will display landscape in a camera app. As I said this is a deal breaker and I wish I had known prior to my purchase.

  5. Jodi Olauson

    Is there some special trick to getting this to work with Amazon prime? I can mirror my screen and it works great on YouTube. Then I go to watch a show on Amazon prime. I can hear the sound of the show on my TV and the actors names that show on the left side of the screen show up but the actual show doesn't cast. I've tried using the prime video app and by going to in both Mozilla and chrome.

  6. AngelLee O

    Hi. Any reason why I don't have that option on the top of my video to just mirror you tube and still use my phone? I used to see it with my old note 4, but not with note 9.

  7. Sami Berjaoui

    I am trying to connect Note 9 to laptop using DeX Cable…. its doing nothing.. and i am not sure what i should do to get the PC like experience! Is it even possible? What do i need to do please?

  8. Ms. Barone

    Can the pen be used and mirrored on the TV live? I'm a math teacher and looking for something to be able to label/underline/circle etc for my students to see or use when explaining things to the class.

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