Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus SpeedTest and Camera Comparison

Speed Performance and Camera Quality Compare of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5g vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

All apps we opens in this video are downloaded from
Subway Surfers
Temple Run 2
Clash of Clans
Sonic Dash Boom 2
Smash Hit
Dead Trigger 2
Call Of Duty Mobile

33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus SpeedTest and Camera Comparison”

  1. Max 1363

    Good job, really appreciate effort you put into this.
    One thing though, i think you should consider RAM management after speed test.
    That's only a suggestion…
    Good luck.

  2. Patrick Fung

    the camera and video comparison is quiet shocking. Note 20 Ultra is much more details , sharp and color depth. For starting apps and games in 1 to 2 second different is not big deal..Can reviewer put the true CPU to test? Snapdragon 855 vs Snapdragon 865 of Note 10+ and Note 20 Ultra for testing.

  3. Romans Namikins

    Specs on paper is great too see but in reality this difference is funny , and i find it so silly when people complain about that blink of an eye speed difference and some people automatically call it useless . Mental issue that is ! Note 10 + is still superb phone , don''t spend extra money for this silly difference 🙂 Upgrade only if you have a lot of free money and just want a new phone .

  4. Phil Glick

    I think that I keep mine Note 10plus has excellence camera. Now I learned that some people complained about problem with camera. I had once own Note 8 has big problem with video. I wait for next few years. It raise cost that would be silly. $300 more for what. NO!

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