Samsung Galaxy M31s First Impressions!

Samsung has launched the new Galaxy M31s in India and it brings upgrades on the design front, display, cameras, and charging. Well, this is our Galaxy M31s first impressions video where we tell you what’s new in the Galaxy M31s.

The Galaxy M31s has been priced at Rs. 19,499 for the 6/128GB and Rs. 21,499 for the 8/128GB variant.

Galaxy M31s on Amazon:
Galaxy M31s on Samsung:

0:00 Intro
0:48 Design & Display
2:19 Cameras
4:36 Battery & Charging
5:20 Hardware

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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy M31s First Impressions!”

  1. Ian Wanjiku

    I have the m31s. Please don't buy. The screen freezes in some apps. The chipset is not the best, very slow.
    Back cameras are not bad. Front camera is not good.
    Battery life is perfect.
    Note – very unpleasant experience when it comes to connection I.e internet connection.
    Very slow Internet experience.
    Thank me later.

  2. Prasanth Nakkilla

    Being casual user ,this is a phone for social media ,YouTube, and a very satisfied build and cameras I am a very very happy user of m31s no need to talk about 6.5 samoled screen and battery they r fabulous,
    Finally thnq beebom for the first impression video

  3. Pranav Pahwa

    This phone meets my requirements and fits my budget but I'm a bit skeptical about the processor. I don't really want to spend extra to get a Galaxy M51 with the Snapdragon processor. What should I do?

  4. Himanshu Singh

    Please do read the complete review of this particular product.
    I saw almost all the youtube reviews and bases on it i bought this m31s.
    Every one said processor is out dated and similar sort of information but in daytoday usage it will work fine but the reallity was it it gets stucks in a particular apps but you can switch to other apps and other apps works fine during the lag of that particular app ,it get stuck on that particular app's screen for 5-10 sec but the issue is why does it get stuck or hang in a particular apps like youtube, amazon or watsaap so far among the apps i have used.
    Battery: on complete charge i will last for 36 hrs on screen time usage wothout gaming just using it for surfing in the phone.
    Charging: It takes 2hr 52 mins to charge from 8% – 100%, which is too long.
    Display: No doubt it is good but what we will do with the display when it lags and get stuck while using a simple app like watsaap and amazon.
    Camera: Front camera is useless in low light it is like a 2 mp cam in low light and in outdoor it does not give too much details phones like oppo f15 is a lesser brand than this samsung but is good to use. I bought samsung for a durable brand but what is the use when it lags from the first day onwards.
    Weight: I would not complain about the weight because i knew it is a heavy phone as compared to other and thick too. Just because i knew it will be thick and heavy i will not question that.
    Built quality: Glastic back, its looks beautiful but even with the ear peice sound back is vibrating, i was shocked with all these. Even with the use of back cover it was vibrating in the less volume of the earpeice.
    Heat: With a normal usage upper portion near the camera in the back it gets bit heated.
    I am thinking of returing it as it keeps on lagging even it is updated with the latest update.

  5. logesh waran

    Kindly help me guys….when playing HDR content in YouTube screen get flickering….need to know whether it's hardware or software issue….that to when brightness level is low…. anybody facing this issue….

  6. 300 spartans

    Here's an honest review after a week's usage. Please take the time to read the pros and cons of this device. I posted it on amazon from where I bought this phone and they took down my review because I didn't meet the "community guidelines" . There's something shady about how they post selected reviews. Anyway, I'll start with the pros first.

    • The Samsung display never disappoints, very good colors.

    • The device is pretty smooth to use, there's no lag whilst browsing and using multiple apps in the background.

    • Sound output is decent for this price range.

    Cons :
    • The battery life, its supposed to last atleast a day and a half with this 6k mah battery, but i get only 10 hours of battery life with a normal usage such as WhatsApp, YouTube, music and browsing.

    • Finger print scanner is not upto the mark, since it's narrow and thin button, it doesn't recognise the print sometimes. I have thick fingers and maybe its because of that.

    • Face unlock is pathetic, I sometimes think that it's scanning someone else's face at times. Most of the time it never recognises my face eventhough I've registered my face in a bright environment. During low light, forget about it.

    • Notifications bug, when I play a WhatsApp audio or voice note, it constantly notifies me which is annoying. And whilst riding and listening to music, if there's a notification in the BG, after every song it notifies me which is annoying eventhough I turned off notification reminder.

    • Camera quality is decent but not great like how they've advertised. Some low light shots are grainy and only in bright environments it can capture some good pics.

    • No screen recording and no notification lights, although this can downloaded from the play store, there's an app for it. But the whole point is this is an android phone and its the basic feature, my previous cheap Chinese Huawei phone had more features.

    Anyway, overall I wouldn't recommend this if you're just looking for the battery life because it'll disappoint you. I'm quite disappointed with this phone and I doubt if I'd go for Samsung again.

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