Samsung Galaxy M31s | Check out Neha Kakkar’s #MonsterShot

Looks like Neha Kakkar had a super fun time with the new Samsung M31s which packs India’s leading 64MP Intelligent Camera with Single Take. Well, who wouldn’t? You can get Boomerang, Best Moments, Filter, Hyperlapse and much more with just one Monster Shot. Made to max up all your moments.
Sale starts, 6th August on Amazon. To get notified, click here

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34 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy M31s | Check out Neha Kakkar’s #MonsterShot”

  1. Sambit Pattanayak

    Samsung please use superior processors in midrange like Snapdragon 765G, 730G and 720G. The Exynos 9611 is outdated and inferior. Exynos 9611 can't play high end games smoothly and has heating issues. I want to buy Samsung phones but due to performance of processors I have to change my mindset.

  2. gvravi kumar

    I love everything about Samsung ♥️♥️💋…but the processor is exynos if u buy Samsung flagship even than u get exynosss!!!!!!!!my question is even if we buy high-end phones with the same price that there sell in US even we will get exynos but there gets Snapdragon 865… please change it Samsung 🙏🙏🙏🙏. please sell Snapdragon processors for high end phones in India….I hope u read my comment

  3. Jacob Handique

    In USA n own country korean n others devloped country samsung never sell Exynos chipset… please don't make fool towards india by giving High battery power… it's always hang n heat….. 😭🙏

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