SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT vs. MI BAND 5 (Side by Side Testing)

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So which is the better smart band? The Mi Band 5 is cheaper and has some big new improvements over the Mi Band 4, but the Galaxy Fit came down in price and received some significant updates! This comparison is far more interesting than last year’s comparison.

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SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT ONLY – $100, $69 renewed
Notifications appear on top banner, not full screen
Notifications are easily accessible, and use icons from phone
Night mode
Water mode
Quick settings (customizable in app)
Adaptive brightness
Advanced Auto-fitness tracking
Physical button
Strap stays on better
Press and hold side key for quick workout
Can sort of automatically turn on night mode
Can change music while working out
Quick replies
Calendar integration
90+ workouts
10 brightness levels (as opposed to just 5)
Caffeine, water, and calorie tracking
Screen can stay on for up to 5min
.95” screen
Can control music and quick settings during workouts

Strap is easier to fit correctly
Scheduled night mode
Mi Fit events (like calendar)
11 workouts
Band lock
Silence calls (not just reject them)
Only 1 app required
App running in background
Camera controls (remote shutter)
Guided breathing exercises
Female cycle tracking
Screen can stay on for up to 10 s
1.1” screen
Blood oxygen
Smart alarm (based on when you are sleeping)

Music controls
Convenient charging

Start: 11:11 on Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Fit = 71%
Mi = 94%
End: 7:43 on Sunday, July 26, 2020
Fit = 11%
Mi = 58%


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39 Replies to “SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT vs. MI BAND 5 (Side by Side Testing)”

  1. iyad kh

    Hello does mi band 5 work on iphone 6s plus ? Cause i bought Samsung fit 2 and guess what ! It doesn't work 😂 . So please can i know if mi band 5 works cause i am thinking of getting it since Fit 2 doesn't. Thanks in advance . 😊

  2. Valan Chan

    Mike said the miBand is more accurate, more comfortable , has a larger/brighter screen, more sensors, and less expensive BUT “if your not on such a tight budget” then get the inferior product that “gets some subtle things right”.

  3. justtherealthings

    Best hardware completely useless: Chinese sleep only between 22 and 8,
    so there is NO sleep recording outside this time-window. Bad joke! All watches equal.
    Die Apps sind alle Scheiße: Chinesen dürfen scheinbar nur zwischen 22Uhr
    und 8 Uhr schlafen. Dazwischen findet keine Schlaf-Tracking statt.
    Als ob ich mir nicht mittlerweile das zweite Smart Band gekauft hätte, und
    auch das verfluchte Android-Phone dazu, nur um das Phänomen
    unerwünschter Nachmittagsmüdigkeit unter Kontrolle zu kriegen. Um diese
    Tageszeit keine Schlafaufzeichnung… Ein Witz!! der mich schon viel
    Geld und unendliche Rumärgerei gekostet hat.
    Die Dinger sind hardware
    – technisch eigentlich super, arbeiten aber alle nur mit Varianten
    derselben unterbelichteten App, die grundsätzlich nicht auf PC läuft,
    nebenbei bemerkt, auch nicht mit virtuellem Betriebssystem (kein
    Hardwarezugriff), egal, wie teuer und welche Marke. Über andere Belege
    würde ich mich freuen, habe keine Hinweise gefunden. Ein echter Fall
    für eine faules Ei nach China. Eigentlich mag ich ja die Chinesen, aber
    da muß mal irgendeine Qualitätsbehörde den Finger drauf legen.

  4. mase christian

    about the lack of physical bottom, you can easily wipe your sweaty hand on your clothes. About the lack of changing the song while on a workout, yeah you cant on the mi band, but at least in my case. I put on my workout playlist and thats it.

  5. liquidignition

    wtf… this review is so fucking dumb. not only did the reviewer not look at the extra settings such as (music control) he also said that the sleep tracker needs the s2op. rofl, next review

  6. Wilson Kwong

    One thing Mi Band 5 is better is that it has a lot of 3rd party apps. There is a hack tool / app on Play Store that can make your Mi Band do so many more extra things, and make it mirror your phone screen, etc. It suddenly makes your Mi Band 5 10x more feature rich and useful.

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