Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs. Galaxy Buds+ Comparison! (Everything You Need To Know)

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0:00 Intro
01:37 Design Comparison
03:30 Charging & Case
04:16 Battery Life
05:05 Fit & Feel
07:39 Noise Cancellation
09:15 Touch Controls
09:36 Sound Quality
11:00 Mic Quality & Test
12:53 Conclusion

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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs. Galaxy Buds+ Comparison! (Everything You Need To Know)”

  1. Jacob Swick

    I like the video format and your flow, but the content was filled with so many inaccuracies, this should be removed. The Buds+ exclusively have passive noise canceling, they have the same amount of microphones, and they way the Buds live do noise cancelation is situational to low frequencies (not even mentioned).

  2. Grey Fox

    Love my live beans. They feel amazing. Sound pretty damn good. Could be a hair louder. Seemes louder before recent update. Haven't got to try buds plus though. Luckily got them for 20 with the Samsung pre-order bonus. Thanks Samsung.

  3. Marc Ocampo

    I'll skip the galaxy buds live. I'll wait for samsung to release a buds that has the true noise cancellation of an galaxy earbuds+ and a sound quality and ergonomics of a galaxy ear buds live.

  4. Richard Victor

    Personally I couldn’t hear any difference in sound quality from audio (phone) conversations in your comparison. This may partly be due to listening on an iPhone 11 using its internal stereo speakers, but I also think it may be due to the fact that you state the lives have the added advantage of 3 microphones. Although the original buds only have a single microphone, the buds+ in fact have 3 microphones just like the buds live. The difference is the buds live have ANC (active noise cancellation) and the buds+ have ambient sound control which performs similarly although maybe not as well. They rely on “passive” noise cancellation by physically sealing off outside noise while allowing you to allow outside noise through by means of those 3 microphones and adjustable ambient sound control.

  5. Dovid Kramer

    ive bought buds+ over 4 times and every time i return them since the hinge gets loose in a matter of days, and they have a tiny creek to them. i just ordered the buds live so hopefully that is better

  6. Brian M

    Buds + do NOT have anc. They just have a good seal and the setting turning off ambient sound cuts out a lot of outside noise. Honestly the Buds + are better. Though the Buds live may be very good for people who don't like the in-ear style.

  7. Bryant Espinoza

    I has the Galaxy Buds first then the Live. Never had the Buds +. After trying Buds Live I have realized they are crap. At first with the first rubber they were loose in my ear. Then I put on the second seal and it made it tight but to tight. After a while of listening I guess the blood flow to the ear changes and I felt alot of pressure around ear while using them. It really hurt. Then the right Buds Live didnt get to the same volume as the left. Whats worse is that the call talking quality was horrendous. Everyone I talked to just about had trouble hearing me. Didnt not have this type of problem with orginal buds so I'm sure I won't have the problem with buds + since they are only slightly different. All in all I have to say the Buds live were the worst Samsung product I have tried. Really unhappy with the and I'm Mr. Samsung and anti Apple so even when its not perfect I will still be a Homer but I couldn't with this product. My suggestion would be if you have the Buds + stick with it. Buds Live aint there yet. Nice concept. Terrible real life application 😪

  8. tryten9

    I like the buds+. While they do not have noise canceling it does block more sound than the live due to being sealed.

    And with the buds+ you are not blasting your audio to everyone around you. The ambient noise leak is ridiculous with the open channel of the live.

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