Samsung Galaxy Buds – Finally an AirPods Killer?

The $129 Samsung Galaxy Buds are finally the best Apple AirPods competitors! At $159, the Galaxy AirPods work with the S10 and S10+ and come for free with a pre-order and a collab EverythingApplePro with the review and comparison! GIVEAWAY VID:

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Galaxy Buds:
i10 TWS (AirPods Knockoffs):

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Buds – Finally an AirPods Killer?”

  1. Fernando Mata

    My Samsung iconx earbuds last from the minute I go to sleep (roughly at 2 am) to when I wake up they’re at like 10% (around 12 in the morning) so they last a good 10 hours of me listing to music while I fall asleep

  2. ScootUnknown _

    Tbh i was a little skeptical about Samsung earbuds until i tried the galaxy buds and i can even lie as a big apple fan the galaxy buds are even more comfortable than airpods/earpods and i just love the galaxys i highly recommend them

  3. Kinorah

    If your buds are too quite on samsung, go to settings, then connections, bluetooth, click the 3 dots at the top right, click advanced, and turn on Media volume sync. it will sync up your phones volume with the galaxy buds volume.

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