Samsung Galaxy A9 – The QUAD Camera Beast! ?

2018 Samsung Galaxy A9 first impressions hands on review (4 / quad cameras) ! We skip the Samsung A9 Unboxing to get straight to the specs, cameras, and battery!

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40 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A9 – The QUAD Camera Beast! ?”

  1. EmmiElevated -

    People who are complaining about the amount of cameras obviously haven’t used a camera other then taking selfies. It’s the same difference as photographers having MANY different lenses for different shoots, angles, depths, occasions, subjects they are shooting with the camera as the base aka just like a cellphone, & the lenses aka cameras on the phone are your many different ways to shoot different things.

  2. Bence Kovács

    Is the camera really that terrible? Some reviews state that it makes purple-ish photos, and the 4 cameras suck. I just can't believe it… I have an S7 Edge now, and I hope that the A9 will make the same or better photos. 🙂

  3. De U

    Fingerprint scanner could have been placed on the power button (like on the Galaxy A7-2018 model) to make for a cleaner back panel. Nice phone. this perhaps gives a clue on the number and arrangement of the rear camera on the Galaxy Note 10

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