Samsung Galaxy A8s OFFICIAL!!!

Hands On the brand new Samsung Galaxy A8s Official Infinity O Smartphone. Lets take a look at the exciting new features to the beautiful Galaxy A8s.

Galaxy A8s Unboxing Coming Soon!!!


Images: Master Maserati Weibo

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48 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A8s OFFICIAL!!!”

  1. Adilson Santos

    Só não gostei do botão de desbloqueio, ficou solto e meio que perdido, deveria ter feito igual ao A7. A Samsung ultimamente deu pra imitar o iPhone, coisa besta e desnecessária, sendo que para mim, a Samsung tem muito mais tecnologia e até bom gosto, parem com isso e usem as suas próprias idéias que irão muito mais longe.

  2. mimingwidiatmoko

    apple introduced fingerprint, double flash for camera ,then double camera and then notch on the front screen…..the other product just like "hey apple can we copy your homework "
    Because We struggled enough to sales products

  3. Patchuchan

    That hole in the display is just hideous I actually would rather have a notch or a bezel and chin then have to look at a that and the lack of a headphone jack is just inexcusable since the S9 has one.

  4. Electroblubluツ

    I find this way worse than the fucking notch… atleast the notch looks more elegant, neat and symmetrical. And how is that gonna work with reading text? If samsung is gonna use the full screen ratio to display stuff imagine that hole getting in the way especially reading. Honestly i dont see how this is better than a notch. I’ve been using the first galaxy note till the note 9 and i feel Iam about to go on apples side now cause of that hole.

  5. siti mufidah

    iphone camera back copies/. hwawei nova 4 camera copies. now vivo nex is the future n the realy game changer… if back is made bye glass, why not make that as a screen to….. couse back is just un useable glass flat part on a phone. that is realistic.


    This is why i like samsung:

    Oppo and vivo make a pop up camera and the screen is full. But samsung make a hole so its mean samsung dont like copying. Then huawei make a hole after samsung a8s come out.

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