Samsung Galaxy A8 & A8 Plus 2018 – UNBOXING!!!

Finally the time is here. Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and A8 2018 Plus unboxing, first look and initial camera test in Gold & Orchid Grey.

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39 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A8 & A8 Plus 2018 – UNBOXING!!!”

  1. 삼공아재36

    nice review bro!~
    i finally choose this phone to use as NEXT phone.
    unfortunately, we don't get orchid grey colour in my country S.Korea
    but i will see the other colours when i go to the phone shop later.
    anyway, thank you for the reviewing, have a good day bro.
    am commenting from South Korea.

  2. Krimpov

    Old, I know, but I saw complaints about the "missing" case in the few pages of comments I've cared to read (not going through all 13000+ giveaway whore-posts for this).

    The case may or may not be included with the phone, depending on your country (or even which store you buy it from, apparently). So if a cheap case is a deal breaker for you, check the description or ask the seller before you buy.

    Bought mine from Best Buy Canada. Got no case.

  3. AYYO✅

    When this video was taken….

    2017:recently just finished?
    2018:recently just started?
    2018:is now proceeding to finish
    Few more weeks to go and it's bye bye 2018,it was nice knowing you…..

    time goes so quick and life is short… good in life..what goes around comes around…..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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