Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

The Galaxy A71 offers most of what’s great about flagship Samsung phones for a lower price. Unless top-of-the-line features and specs are absolutely needed, this is arguably the perfect Android smartphone for most people, as it should check the necessary boxes for all but the most hardcore Android users. It offers solid performance, long battery life, plenty of camera options and even a headphone jack, while possible downsides for some may be its plastic back, mediocre single speaker and its tall screen aspect ratio.

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A71 Review”

  1. R Varghese

    Instead of a macro and depth sensor lens why can't companies focus on main camera with ois feature even better a dedicated 2x or even 3x telephoto lens will be a welcome addition… Instead of the macro and depth sensor……

  2. marwan bs

    Don't buy A 71 reviews are not true !! camera features not as they say!! i bought the A71 the next day the camera crashed and freeze they took it back for inspection and told me its normal to freeze between front and rear camera flipping and that's not the case. so they refused to replace the phone and if i want to upgrade they will reduce 50% of its value worst company ever !!!!

  3. Fri tz

    i'm still using the galaxy a50s, the updates keeps the game rollin. it's still my favorite phone so far. maybe after 2 more year gonna buy another galaxy midrange phone again. no more flagship, midrange has it all.


    Have a s9 that's all cracked up now and a co-worker showed me his new a71 which i thought looked nice and way bigger than mine, also other co-worker has a s20 ultra which looked the same to me either way even though they have differences, I'm not too crazy about mid-range phones and also do not want to upgrade to a even more expensive phone im sick of it. Is the A71 worth the upgrade over s9?

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