Samsung Galaxy A71 5G – Hands On & First Impressions!

Let’s check out the Galaxy A71 5G.
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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A71 5G – Hands On & First Impressions!”

  1. Kevin Breeze

    Correction – this version of the phone features the 5G compatible Exynos 980 processor and NOT the SD765G. I was incorrectly under the impression that I purchased the UW model. Nothing else is different though besides the processor πŸ™‚

  2. Gmb12 Philly

    I just ordered mine from T-mobile. I paid $600 but they are giving me $300 in phone bill credits. T-mobile said they can’t keep them in stock because they are so popular. I can’t wait to get it! Prior to this phone I switched from android to i-phone and I have to say….I wasn’t very impressed with the apple. I’m ready to go back to android

  3. janelle marie

    i hate that the A71 5g does not have a notification light for my messages and gmail…tried Adnotify and hated it…the edge lighting didn't work so i feel i have to constantly look at my phone to see if i have msgs….help!

  4. Musa G

    Dear Respected Sir … please Make one compare for A71 4G vs A71 5G vs Note10 lite. And End of the video please tell us witch is better for now and feature. Thanks in advance… by have nice day.

  5. lovely lisa

    I just turned in my Samsung A71 before I got stuck with it because it had horrible internet connection. This phone wasn't cheap to ignore that issue. Was worth paying for 50 dollar restocking fee.

  6. Rayzaa

    Good phone and i was going to get the A71 5G but i hesitated because it is so big. So while i searched for options, the Pixel 4a was announced with a release date and since it is smaller i went with that one. The Pixel 4a is also a lot cheaper.
    As for the video on it here, why didnt you compare it with the other A71 you had side by side since there are a bit of differences.

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