Samsung Galaxy A52 vs A72 Comparison! Which One Should You Buy?

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50 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A52 vs A72 Comparison! Which One Should You Buy?”

  1. Kaye Dizon

    Main reason I'm going for A72 is the screen size. That's the only game changer for me. The price is okay. If I wanted higher end specs then I'd go for flagship phones with even bigger screens (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra)

  2. anirban sarkar

    That's a very good comparison,brilliant work Wade. Although I think the A72 clicks more sharper images than the A52 and that is noticeable on those front camera samples but yes it really makes more sense to go for the A52. If telephoto lense is someone's priority, then you should go for the S20FE.

  3. darkprince56

    All I ask is that my phones have a headphone jack and expandable memory… I don't like rounded corners, notches or hole punch cameras but I will have to put up with that. I just might finally replace my S8.

  4. CK Tee

    finally a reviewer put these 2 phones so close together to compare that 0.2 inch display different. Of all the a52 vs a72 videos i watched, I think you made the best. Others only present whatever on the paper,but you sir put your own user experience and honest review into your video. good job.👍

  5. Jokast 88

    Yeah defo agree A52 is more worth it! As the biggest difference is only telephoto lens in A72. Actually is that 3x telephoto lens useful?? The difference between these 2 phones isn't like A50 and A70 back then which A70 extra cost is worth it due to way more advantages. I've used A70 for 1.9 yrs btw. Is it worth trading for either these 2 phones or just wait for A73 next year?

  6. 4ksandknives

    A72 – better camera, more ram, more internal storage. Worth the upgrade. Argument for a52 5g is more ram, storage, way better processor and way way better screen with 120hz no brainer

  7. H DHIL

    The extra 500mah battery and the 3x zoom might just make me get the 72, but my previous experience with the a50 is bad, exactly when this phone came out, my phone battery went from 24 hrs to 8 hours/day

  8. Basit Siddique

    HI Riva? The only thing which is missing, that there is not a significant difference within the price range between A52 and A72 in the Uk. It might be in other global markets. A52 retails at £399 where A72 retails at £419 in the Uk. For someone who is buying a smartphone around £400, wouldn't think about saving money in this category. It's only £20 difference in the Uk between both of these handsets. If you was to compare the price difference between the A52/72 and the S20FE 4G/5G then there is a big difference within the price range.

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