34 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A20 Review”

  1. Rhonda J

    I had a iPhone 8plus but just got this phone today. So far I'm impressed. Way cheaper bill and I still can use my music app that I had on my iphone just by signing in with my iCloud I.d. overall pretty cool.

  2. Raul Arispe

    Ahhhhhh my iPhone x broke so I'm stuck with this one.. it's nice and cheap I like it so far I like im able to play gameboy emulators better on here then on iphone haha but I'll just be buying a cheaper iphone like a 8 or something.

  3. its me

    i own this phone…it good…but!……who do they make the key board for …MIGETS?..every time i text im constantly hiting the wrong keys……(put a couple beer in me at the wrong time.and this phones gonna hit a wall…….

  4. YourBoi Reaper

    Ngl my first phone was an Aspera Jazz. I mainly used it for watching youtube but it was useless since I had a PC back then. The sad thing is. My mother bought it for 300+ Dollars while it was originally 88-99. Lets just say she doesn't like to shop from places like best buy and all that.

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