Samsung 49NU7172 NU7100 UHD TV review

Review for Samsung NU7100 series Ultra HD LED LCD TV from 2018 TV lineup. Testing was done on 49-inch 49NU7172 UHD TV.

Great alternative to this TV is Samsung 2017 MU6400 model reviewed here:

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Better alternative is 2017 MU6400 series:

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48 Replies to “Samsung 49NU7172 NU7100 UHD TV review”

  1. tay gor

    Good info to know I just bought the Samsung NU7100 7 series 40 inch 4k And was really disappointed with the gaming Performance with UHD hdr Activated on PS4 pro . The details were blurry also the motion blur was terrible. Even on game mode so I ended up turning of HDR on my games And switching to 1080P. I also turned off all settings that enhances picture quality at the cost of latency and visual performance and was able to get a decent picture and frame rate. You said in the Video the 7 series doesn't have Bluetooth but you use your phone as a remote which connects through Bluetooth so how does it not support Bluetooth? Is it possible to calibrate or change settings to where I get no motion blur when running hdr uhd on games should I be using 1080p or 4k res when gaming? Currently playing new resident evil 2 which is very graphically demanding.

  2. Alessandro Nicol

    Hello Darko, this is probably the only video on the net, that's actually clear review about this TV. I am having trouble setting my channel list.
    LIVE TV TERRESTRIAL: I set my list from 1-10 but when I actually push number 1 on my remote it seems to go back to the channels that were set in the before. Why is that?
    I have to go back everytime to live tv app and choose my channel. Please help, i have been looking for 2 days for an answer.

  3. Andan

    How come that you talk about direct led, I'm pretty sure it's edge. And some people saying ips panel, should be VA. Im.getting it wrong? I have nu7179 and many people adviced me to go with that one, don't know why, now I have some doubts. Im just little sad about the dark hdr function…

  4. Luke Hinkle

    I just bought a NU7100 after reading Amazon user reviews. I guess I should’ve gone over some reviews on YouTube before hand. Nobody has anything really good to say about these budge models. On the plus side for me, I am going from a 7 year old LG model that is only 1080p. I hope that will be a great improvement for my household. We’ll see on December 27th when my NU7100 arrives…

  5. Miroslav Vrbaski

    Darko, kao sto verovatno vec znas ovaj model nema 3.5mm zbog toga sto on u stvai ima bluethoot konekciju samo je zakljucana u seecret meni, naravno sa starim daljinskim ti znas kako da mu pristupis (info,many,mute,power a na malo novijem info,setings,mute,power) i ukljucis i bluethoot za slusalice ili zvucnike i za daljinski i glasovne komande, ja sam to juce uradio na svim 7100 modelima koje imam 7192,7102,7172…panel je apsolutno isti kao na 7400 seriji samo se razlikuju televizori u postolju i u tome sto je na 7100 seriji zakljucan bluethoot a na 7400 otkljucan, tako da ko hoce dobar TV za dosta manje novca u odnosu na 7400 moze sve to imati i sa 7100…Ne znam iz kog razloga Samsung ovo radi ali je ipak dobro da za manje novca moze da se otkljuca, i nije mi jasno zasto niko od vas jačih youtubera ne napravi neku recenziju sa seecret many na samsung televizorima?

  6. Michaela242 Niz

    Hi 🙂 Can I ask you? I want this tv into my room. 49 inch wich means 125cm. But I have table only 1m. Long. Can I put this TV 49 inch on the table? 🙂 And ist good for Gaming on PS4 pro? thanks a lot 🙂

  7. Fio

    Ja uzeo seriju 7, mogu reci isto sto i ti.. nista extra.. ali ajd, posto mi je novi TV, solidan je, i zadovoljiti ce moje potrebe narednih par godina 🙂

  8. ddraguti

    I have just got the UE40 7192 model. I suppose it's more or less the similar model to this one and no need for separate review. What I am only interested in is whether my external hard disk files (videos, movies and photos) will be reproduced normally?
    Eventually one quick comparison please, can you compare in one short line the UE40H6400 model from 2014 (recently I use that one) with 7192 model from 2018. Have I done any improvement buying this model comparing it to 6400 model?

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