43 Replies to “Samsung 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV J5200 unboxing review and testing”

  1. kzamanbd

    Vai, ei tv er sathe home theater/ sound bar connect korbo kivabe?
    Ami khub jhamelay porsi ei tv kina. Eitar HDMI port ARC support kore na abar eitay Optical out o nai?

  2. Z Z

    Only a self-hating fucking Indian would have the balls to call himself "RealTech Master" and offer-up this complete and utter bollocks.

    Next episode….I open my fly, Episode 2, I take a piss, Episode 3, I take my thumb out of my ass and give it a lick. Look mate, I''m looking for information on a new TV, not shit about how you open a fucking cardboard box. I mastered that crap around three.

  3. Jaws Smart

    I had used this model . This model is a budget smart TV that offers good overall picture quality , but a bit too much motion blur for serious gamers or sports fans . Also , the colors are not as good at an angle as they are from in front . Think twice if you want to buy ….

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