Samsung 2019 Q85R Unboxing and Setup, 55Q85R 4K QLED TV + Retail DEMO

Thanks to Aegir Electronics, for the privilege
Unboxing and setup of the new for 2019 Samsung QE55Q85R, QE55Q85RAT. Full array local dimming TV, thicker than last years series 8 but definitely better. Retail DEMO at the end.

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  1. Firstname Lastname

    What if i dont remove the screen protection layer, will it do any damage for the tv or overheating for the screen? I did not want to delet mine because tv in my room got some dirty i wanted to clean it and the you can see every place i touched i cant clean it anymore,wil it do any harm to leave it on the screen?

  2. Vaskain Nassar

    I bought a new TV 75Q85R 4K QLED in March 2020 and I was happy everything's was ok until 15 of July 2020 turn off by itself stop to work so I call Samsung tell them what was the problem they said that they will sent for me the service to fix it.(that they will change some is inside) To buy TV 3000 Euro and after a few months stop to work , I think i m not going to buy Samsung anymore

  3. Simon John Hinton

    Just bought a 55 inch Q85R for £850. I hear it's good for gaming and super awesome for watching hdr content! Its replacing my trusty reliable 55 inch ku6500 which I've had for a few years. That one connect box will keep things tidy on top of my super awesome black new York style TV cabinet! Great video. 😁👍❤️

  4. DsLmaNiaC

    Well i got the 65 inch version 3 days ago and i can say i have a blast with it. Stunning picture, its brightness levels are very high and its blacks very deep.
    It is great for gaming on Xbox one x and since Sony and Microsoft confirm their target for their next gen consoles is 4k/60 hdmi 2.1 is not really needed, except if we are talking about gaming on a pc
    Oled like peformance for much less money.

  5. Rem U

    Great video but could you tell me how to watch freesat on it ? I have plug the sky dish in main socket at the back but can't find any settings for tune the TV to it help please 🤔

  6. Mäxxxer 1

    Hey TellyDan,
    nice Videos! One question: does the Frame No Gap Wall Mount fit to this Model? I have this Wall Mount from My Parents so it would be Good to Save the Money for the Mount.
    Regards from Germany

  7. nounix 3

    Can you install VLC player of Samsung 2018 QLED TV? Samsung's software & player for playing movies from a hard disk SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! What a shame for such an expensive "smart" TV!! The installed player wont play avi, it wont read srt subtitles, terrible to navigate in the movie (eg fast forward/back etc etc) via the remote control. And the software that reads the contents of the connected external disks is just as bad!! It cannot open a password protected external disk (most people password-protect their disks nowadays obviously..), it doesnt have a simple list view for disk contents, nor a letter typing search, so you can scroll down a list of movies fast or just jump to a letter. So if you have a movies' folder with many movies it may even take 2 minutes to just scroll to a movie whose title starts with "t"…. CRAZY for this day and age!!
    So maybe if we can, AT LEAST, just download a player like VLC (that just plays everything hassle-free), we can use that for our QLED TVs??

  8. Mitchell Millard

    I've just purchased this tv.. I dont suppose you noticed or maybe it's just mine but the stand dosent sit flush? it seems to be lifted for more of better word in the middle. Is this right? Thanks in advance.

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