Ryze Tello vs Tello EDU – Best Beginner Drone? Learn to fly, learn to code…

The Tello EDU is a version of the Ryze Tello. It was developed by Ryze, Intel and DJI and is one versatile drone. Learn more about it here. #tello #telloedu #ryze

Original Tello:
Tello EDU: bit.ly/TelloEDUhc
GameSir Tello Controller:

Learn More:

Learn how to program your Tello here:

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19 Replies to “Ryze Tello vs Tello EDU – Best Beginner Drone? Learn to fly, learn to code…”

  1. kherber1

    hope someone could help here. I have just got the tello and would like to get a controller but the dji recommended controller"gamesir t1d or t1s" seems to be out of stock everywhere. what would be be the next best controller or can I really use any good bluetooth pad?

  2. Glen Smith

    There are many,many drones that are under $200 and even $150 that outclass these Tello drones in every way. To mention brushless motors,1080p video,4K photo, SD card slot and drones that can fly a kilometer and more. Tello are great as toys for children.

  3. K. Edwards

    I have heard this phrase a few times on other videos. "Stable like it has GPS." GPS is not what stabilizes a drone like the Mavic Mini. Good GPS is accurate to about a meter. And will give position change data. The Tello has sensors that look much like those on the Mavic Mini that provide the stability. I am working on a video of some flying I did over a slow moving local river, that confirmed this. Those sensors are taking care of both height (upto 29 feed) and position tracking. My only Mavic Mini crashes have been indoor when it tried to hover over a dark area of the room, drone went "wonky". What I saw on the river is that the Mavic Mini drifted in all three axis because the river as a smooth MOVING surface never allowed it to lock visually well.
    Thanks for the review.. thinking about getting one of these for my daughter because of the stability and programming.

  4. Siamect

    Ok so you fly the tello for a 100 hours and you spend another 100 hours learning how to program it. Then you get another drone. At that point you cannot fly because the tello flies itself. And you cannot program anything else but the tello because tello has a completely proprietary programming environment. So the knowledge you gained is not usable for other drones.
    You want to learn about drones, build something by yourself. You want to program, install iNav. Or you want to just fly, get a tinywhoop.

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