Ryze Tello: Max Range Test

I wanted to see exactly how far this Tello will go WITH the Xiaomi WiFi range extender. If you’re interested, here’s a link to Amazon where I purchased it from. Replacement for Xiaomi’s extender:

Buy Tello on Amazon:

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  1. Cody Williams

    i loved this drone. I have since bought a mavic mini but seriously wish you had the option to fly it without the controller and use the app like you do with the Tello. Quick, convenient, and easy.


    almost lost mine..witha xiomi wifo extender and a gamester controllee..when the controller lost connection to the fon the it just flew itself about 60 meters away..first time i was scared shitless..but them my fon managed to reconnect to the drone without the gamester controller..damn thankful 🙂

  3. R.C. Welding's garage

    Wow! Great video. I own a DJI Tello and it's amazing for the money. I fly mine more indoors and it flys in every room with ease as I'm sitting in my living room. I didn't know I can fly mine that far. Not that I would because it has no RTH feature. But none the less great to know.

  4. Ben W

    I have the dji spark controller combo which is way better but it’s 4x the price the range on a spark with controller is about 500m in my country due to ce wifi channels only being allowed. But I will say the tello is great value for money and was tempting but due to the area I live in having on average of 20km/h wind daily I decided on a spark due to its ability to fly in wind

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