Ryze Tello Drone | Must Have Accessories

The Ryze Tello drone is the perfect drone for beginners, kids or people just looking for a fun little drone to fly around the house during the winter months. The base kit is very basic so there is definitely some essential gear you may want to grab to really enhance your flying experience. Here is my list of must-have accessories for the DJI Ryze Tello Drone. If there is only one thing you are going to get I would recommend a remote for you Tello drone it will make your experience with the Tello so much more enjoyable and then some batteries!

Tello Drone (DJI Website)
Tello Drone (Amazon USA)
Tello Drone (Amazon CAN)

Tello Battery (DJI Website)
Tello Battery (Amazon USA)
Tello Battery (Amazon CAN)

Game Sir Remote (DJI Website)
Game Sir Remote (Amazon USA)
Game Sir Remote (Amazon CAN)

Charging Hub (DJI Website)
Charging Hub (Amazon USA)
Charging Hub (Amazon CAN)

WiFi Extender (Amazon USA)
WiFi Extender (Amazon CAN)

Smatree Portable Charger (Amazon USA)
Smatree Portable Charger (Amazon CAN)

Remote Tello Case (Amazon USA)
Remote Tello Case (Amazon CAN)

PGYTech Case (Amazon USA)
PGYTech Case (Amazon CAN)

Snap On Covers (DJI Website)
Snap On Covers (Amazon USA)
Snap On Covers (Amazon CAN)

39 Replies to “Ryze Tello Drone | Must Have Accessories”

  1. dan bennett

    Finally got the phone to talk to the drone with wi-fi. I launched the first flight in my office at home (12' square) with 8 ft. ceiling . It hovers very easily and is pretty intuitive with my phone. First drone I have owned. Should be a lot of fun.

  2. Stephen Powdexter

    I have reviewed the purchasing options on Amazon and I see there is a confusing array of choice, from simple drone to packages. Technically, does the wifi extender apply to the phone-drone? What about the controller-drone connection? I see that some drones have a radio connection, 5.8 I believe it’s called ( or maybe that’s vs a 2.4). WiFi of the type used at home strikes me as a very short-range system. I heard about a new app for Tello breathing new life in it. Anyway, thanks and still deciding.

  3. Jet Martin

    Great suggestions. I particularly liked the suggestion of using the Smatree Portable charger to power the WiFi Extender. But that said I'm wondering if you could just use the Smatree Portable charger as your main charger (i.e., plug it into the wall with batteries inside) and avoid purchasing "charging hub"?
    See any downsides to that approach (e.g., charging time). Thoughts?

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