Ryze Tello Drone – Flight Modes and Bluetooth Remote Controller

Buy the Tello here:
PXN Speedy Game Controller for iOS:
Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i for iOS:
Android and iOS remote:
Portable Foldable Landing Pad:

Is the Tello by RYZE the best drone under $100? Ryze partnered with drone giant DJI and Intel to create the most advanced toy drone available today. The vision positioning technology by DJI helps stabilize the drone when hovering. This has been the biggest challenge when buying toy drones. This type of technology was only found on larger DJI drones and is now on this tiny toy drone.

In this video I demonstrate the Tello Flight Modes. If you want to take your Tello to the next next, you will want to get a remote control. I found a remote that works with iOS devices and it makes flying so much more enjoyable.

Ryze Tello Drone – Flight Modes and Bluetooth Remote Controller


TELLO through DJI:
PXN Speedy Game Controller:
Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i:
PGYTECH Portable Foldable Landing Pad:

DJI Mavic Air:
DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo:
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum:
DJI Mavic Pro:
DJI Care Refresh:

Video shot on:
Audio Digital Recorder:
DJI Osmo Extension Stick:
DJI Osmo Tripod:



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22 Replies to “Ryze Tello Drone – Flight Modes and Bluetooth Remote Controller”

  1. H L

    If you want to connect a Gamesir T1S with the Tello via bluetooth, do remember to turn on GPS on your phone.

    I have struggled for a few days before I found that out. i don't know for the other Gamesir controllers as I only have the T1S.

  2. Jerald Vincent Zumel

    Hey man! I have three questions.

    1. Does upscaling the 720p to 1080p from the Tello show a significant improvement?
    2. Are you using a wifi extender in this video?
    3. Lastly, I've always wondered, are you Filipino?
    Thanks man!

  3. Old Man Boxing

    I know I'm late too drones but i brought a cheap wish drone similar too this one not as stable from the video's I've seen of the Tello but mine did go way further.

    I recently broke it was going to order another garbage drone similar this time with Gps and WiFi till I saw this drone.

    I know it has no Gps but I think it's a good step because in approximately 1 month I'm getting the DJI Mavic Pro so I take it as an intro for the Big Dawg …

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