Ryze Tello – $100 Drone w/ Intel & DJI

Ryze Tech Tello:
Today the Tello Drone showed up in the Flite Test mail box, and Alex decided to take the camera along as we took a first look at it. For a toy drone, it packs quite a few nice features for it’s price point and could actually prove to be a good first drone for certain people.

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27 Replies to “Ryze Tello – $100 Drone w/ Intel & DJI”

  1. Hanna Hörnlund

    Great video, but I have a question. I'm moving from Sweden to NYC this summer and wonder what the regulations are when filming with this drone? I know you said something about that you don't have to get a license because of its weight, but can I fly it wherever I want (except airports)?

  2. MikeOnTheBox

    I don't think been compatible with Blue-tooth controllers is something that will separate it from the competitors, but it's something that makes it less interesting, as a lot of toy grade drones on that price range, already come with controller included. This one doesn't even come with a charger or even a USB cable. They went cheap on this one for sure.

  3. Remote Flyer

    Tello Firmware V01.03.18.01 Released.

    Please Note

    If after updating the Tello Wi-fi changes to
    “Marvell Miceo AP" try as follows

    With the Tello off press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, after this the LED should now flash Red.

    Now you should be able to see Tello in your Wi-fi on your device, when you connect to the app you may see a red warning at bottom with a some codes, with the Tello still on press and hold the power button again for for 5 seconds, it then should reboot and connect normally to WiFi.

  4. Bobster986

    Like those Intel drones are these programmable? I just watch their promotional video, towards the end you see a girl and a guy programming something on their computers, next you see 3 or 4 Tellos flying in formation doing flips and orbs by the pool, that would be very interesting.

  5. CaviDS

    to me that is crazy cheap for a drone that honestly looks like you can actually let go of the sticks and it will actually stay put even with some wind. sort of a cheap spark? I think this drone will do what alot of people want

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