RV House Battery Part 2: Reconfigure the Nissan Leaf Modules to 48 Volts

Installing a Nissan Leaf Lithium Ion battery into an RV. Reconfiguring the modules for 48 Volts using copper bus bar.

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A family of six dreaming, planning, and preparing to full-time RV around the country. Renovating our ’64 GM PD4106. Estimated launch date: Summer 2017

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27 Replies to “RV House Battery Part 2: Reconfigure the Nissan Leaf Modules to 48 Volts”

  1. Branden Muirhead

    @beginningthismorning. Any chance you could publish you schematic drawing. Only reason being your verbal discription makes no sense. Only speaking as an electrical engineer who has been asked by a friend to watch your video. Parallel parallel series? I get that each "module" aka battery is a dual cell battery. Your busbar configuration is where you are loosing me. Please can I see the diagram rather. Much appreciated. Love what you doing here and a great project. Keep up the good work.

  2. wit engineer

    Did you bottom or top balance the batteries? Do you have a BMS? I saw a video of people if Africa trying to use Leaf cells but couldn't get them to work right until they used a BMS. Thanks in advance.

  3. Eric Braun

    Using 4 Tesla modules would produce the same results in series/parallel with simpler wiring/bus bars. But they are almost twice the price and 4 would total only 21.5 kwh. The batteries would also weigh 220 pounds… a little more than you say these weigh. Also, the Leaf batteries are designed to deliver car-level power output with only air cooling. The Leaf batteries seem to be the way to go! And re-jiggering things is fun anyway…

  4. Scott Gibson

    This is a cool setup and you did a good job making it look nice, but holy shit is it dangerous. 7 modules in parallel? If you have a short, that’s more than 3000A dumping at once. Be careful :/

  5. Brian Howe

    Was it cheaper to buy the whole battery module compared to buying individual cells? I love the idea of the leaf cells but I can’t seem to like the idea of spending 3-4 k for batteries.

  6. Jason Weaver

    ​ @Beginning from this Morning – I wanted to take the time to thank you for your detailed videos. I have watched them all and they helped me a great deal in building the battery bank we are using to power our community funded off grid Broadband Internet tower. We went with 2 banks of batteries each bank is 4p7s and the then the 2 banks are connected in Parallel across an A B A/B switch for purposes of working on one bank at a time without shutting down power to the Access Points.

    I do have a question about your charge settings. We will be charging our banks from 10 327w panels 2s5p and I have been finding conflicting information on the web for the proper charge controller settings for these batteries. Have you shared your charge controller settings on here anywhere? BTW, We are using an outback power Radian 4048 system.

  7. Ronald Reed

    Pop rivets are easily drilled out, its probably an 1/8th" and use a stop on the bit, I use a drill with counter sink so you can stop drill from going in further then need be. If its a blind rivit you can drill out center or take a punch the same diameter as the center pin and pop it in, then use sharp chisel on edge to cut inwards towards the edge of the center hole. You know batteries, I know metal work.
    Btw, to use a small welder when off grid, you MUST have good capacitor.
    Thank you for the instruction, your very good and easy to listen to:)

  8. clive sinanan

    Maybe it just me but if I was building the battery Bank I would have put quarter inch washer in every battery allowing a space between each battery the cooler better new bus bar you have to get a new one anyway if you going to engineer something make it better than your manufacturer it will increase the life of the battery but it's just me you are making the same mistake as Nissan and you going to have short life on the battery and you will have to get more battery more sales for Nissan bottom line is all about money

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