Russian drone soars over Everest

The Russian SKAT 640 4G TERRA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has set the world flight altitude record for light aircraft weighing less than 1 ton by flying over the highest mountain on Earth, Everest.

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  1. flyingvigil

    technical question : i always thought drones use the same basic rule of lifting like helicopter? why does this drone capable to fly this high, but not helicopter? because of the weight? or this is much lower than 8000 m?

  2. Bob Greene

    At what altitude was the base camp / launch point located? With even a generous allowance for base-camp to the Everest summit, the base camp must have been an oxygen challenge for some of the party. We note you wisely avoided the treacherous winds of the summit.

    At 9:45, the quality of video dramatically improves– did the first video camera have problems?

  3. Mark Eichorn

    I would have liked to see it actually fly over Everest. To be able to see the relics and flags at the top of Everest. Then I would agree that indeed it did truly fly over Everest.,

  4. Steve Ward

    I may be unpopular for saying this:
    Everest is absolutely beautiful. The views are simply stunning. Every time I see Everest all I think about is those that now adhere to the mountain. Why? Is it ego? Self worth? Goal setting? Or plain stupidity? There are significant odds you may not come down. And for what? You may gain self satisfaction at the cost of hurting those who love you. Other than that, you gain "nothing". Climbing like this is dangerous and more importantly it is selfish. Don't believe me? Ask Krakauer.  See what he thinks.   Someone comes up to me and tells me they climbed Everest. I am not thinking "Wow he can do anything".  I am thinking you are a selfish idiot that doesn't care about those who love you.

  5. Cryptonite

    Well, the UAV is clearly higher than Everest during the distant fly-by. Are craft prohibited from getting any closer to the summit … that is, actually soaring "over" Everest?

  6. Niklas Enblom

    Hard to believe some people are actually able to climb Everest. I have always been fascinated by this mountain and her incredible beauty!! Thanks for the upload!! Can a drone stop and back up in midair like a helicopter? Great job!!

  7. Robert Barnes

    To: litesp

    "America is better served by respecting Russia rather than fearing her". Say WHAT??? I'm scared to death.
    I have to assume that you live in one of the few countries in the world that hasn't felt Russia's malevolent intent and power. The U.S. has been humiliated by the realization that Russia can place any incompetent fool into it's Presidency it wants, and create a de facto satellite state. Arguably the most significant politcosocial experiment in the history of human culture, exterminated by stupidity and avarice. You can argue, correctly, that the U.S. may deserve it's fate, but you also have to agree that, aside from the odd genocide and counterrevolution, American influence in world affairs has been mostly positive. Your country could be next. I greatly respect Russian culture because of Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Turgenieff, Nureyev and many, many others. But I fear the Russian state and its dictator, Putin. It is the most viciously armored fascist nation in the world since Germany in 1939, and seems to have no moral constraints. If you don't fear that, I have to wonder what your motives are.

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