[Rumor] Nintendo Switch Mini Appears Set for 2019 & New Features Coming to Online Service

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33 Replies to “[Rumor] Nintendo Switch Mini Appears Set for 2019 & New Features Coming to Online Service”

  1. Belfast Gonzo

    Here's a cut and paste of a comment I left on Nintendo Prime in November 2017: My prediction is that the 3DS will be kept on life support until 2019, when Nintendo launch the Switch Mini.

    Not bad!

  2. Nygar1

    If they release a switch mini it will be aimed at replacing the 3ds. Nintendo would love to streamline the operation using all the developers to develop for 1 system. Saves alot of money including Rand Dfor 2 systems.

  3. Raymond Rupp

    I hope we get virtual console games for New Nintendo switch n 2019 like we did with the 3DS and wii u that they did with the ESHOP without the online service and we should get GTA 5 with New Nintendo Switch mini pro or light since it is the most last powerful console and it is possible to play virtual console games for on the ESHOP name it on the Section call virtual console section for Nintendo Switch mini pro or light to pay it on the ESHOP so be easy without the online service and I also hope we get mii plaza and street pass for Nintendo Switch mini and pro

  4. DN Megasdan

    Its going to be clamshell design. No removeable joycons. Same specs though. Better for on the go gaming and will attract 3ds owners. Although there should be a pro this year in my opinion.

  5. the8thark

    Nintendo Evetything is high discriminatory. Ignore half the world and attack them when held to account. I am calling Nintendo Everything out. Quite a disgusting website.
    Hopefully the online service will happen.
    I think the Switch Mini is not a thing. There's no real reason to do it. The base console is still selling very well. Also to cut the cost to make the console $250 or lower, you literally have to gut most of the Switch features. This would make it incompatible with many games, Super Mario Party, Lets Go, ARMS, 12 Switch and more, I don't think Nintendo would do this. Imagine buying your child a Switch mini and Super Mario Party for family fun? By the time you realise you can't properly play Super Mario Party on the Switch Mini, it's too late.

    Does Nintendo have a version of this in their R&D Labs? Probably yes. WIll it hit the market anytime soon? I think not.

  6. logicalfundy

    A Switch Mini is interesting – although I have to wonder what Nintendo will do about Super Mario Party, which currently requires JoyCons. Also games like Mario Kart would be very limited unless you bought (or already have) extra JoyCons or other controllers.

  7. Randy Williams

    They want to also sell accessories aka THE JOYCONS! Releasing a cheaper system with the same functionality but just smaller eliminates and admits defeat in terms of the joycon idea as a whole. I dont see this happening unless they revise the dock which again… screws people over who have an original dock. Release it without the dock!

  8. Just Bein' Kel

    This is my prediction for the Switch DS 😁: No Joy-Cons (an all in one system), no IR camera (because of the same reason), no dock (it's replacing the 3DS), no Bluetooth (the screen will be harder to see from a further distance), NFC (amiibos are still relevant to some people especially kids), Wifi (goes without saying), different colors (for the kids and the kids at heart), 5.2 inch screen (the 3DS XL is 4.8 inch), use same game carts (keep it simple for the not so tech-savvy people and developers), priced at $179 (Joy-Cons & Dock are expensive as @#$%), and smaller than the current Switch (obviously).

  9. Splat Splat Girl!

    I just want dark souls 2 and 3,dead space 1 and 2,mirrors edge,dragon age 1 and 2,pso,and pso ep 1 and 2,wipeout 2097 and soul calibre 6,on switch πŸ˜† im happy with the switch it runs games fine for me anyway πŸ˜†

  10. ryu kage

    i think you could potentially use a mini on a dock but you'd probably just need to have extra controllers for it. so it's basically "handheld only" if you can't afford extra controllers for it but are free to "upgrade" to hybrid if you ever have money for a controller later. i already play my switch a lot with wired controllers anyways and they're only 25$. i even got one on black friday for 5$ because it was down to 14.99 and i had 10$ coupon from my reward points.

  11. Jack Son

    Clearly there's something planned, the 3DS sales are in the toilet, and Switch isn't reaching their own estimates, so they need something to offset failing to reach their goals.

  12. DDub 64

    We aren't getting messaging voice chat etc. Making "core" gamers happy is a hilarious statement. U can't do that. And nintendo wuld think things like an app makes core gamers happy. "Hardcore" gamers is just a term but than if nintendo says core gamers, they would mean the ppl that spend a lot of money n time buying all the switch stuff. They would think core gamers want more nes games

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