Roomba vs Neato

If you are thinking about buying a robot vacuum, but don’t know which one is better, this video compares them in every way.

Roomba 880 and Neato XV Signature

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  1. Valerie Sutter

    Can't believe how thorough this review was. Very helpful; makes me understand why my Roomba seems so schizophrenic; apparently it's designed like that. But it's now time for a new one. Neato seems to be what I'll buy next! Thanks so much for such a well-balanced, scientifically proved review.

  2. Ingvar Helgerson

    Great review, especially the part where you count how many times Roomba cleaned each square ))
    I had Neato, original model, 5 or 7 years ago. The biggest issues was that it tried to clean every spot once but since while blowing air around it moved around some dirt and small debris it left a lot of it behind. I used iRobot Scooba after that and really liked how it brush in semi-random fashion covering each spot many times.
    From video it seems Neato learned to overlap a bit areas it cleans. Does it have any mode to do a more thorough cleaning, like going through every spot few times instead of a one?

  3. haj98

    I really enjoyed your scientific methodology, especially in your sky-view camera and showing how many times it hit each spot. I subscribed to your channel based off of this video.

  4. Jana Bloomfield

    Fantastic and informative review!! Reading independent reviews on the Neato robot vacuums, it appears quality control, reliability, and longevity of use are all serious considerations to purchasing this brand. How long has/did you Neato? Is this something you still recommend? Any advice is immensely appreciated!

  5. scarpe322

    Holy cow you put some serious effort into that. Thank you so much! Hubby and I have been going back and forth for several months now about Neato vs. Roomba, and whether or not we can even justify purchasing a robot vacuum in the first place.

  6. islandgirlejfan

    I've had a Neato XV 21 for several years and really happy with it! The spasticness of the Roomba was a total turn off. Your Neato sounds a lot louder than mine does….naturally we do hear it, but ours works mostly on carpets, so maybe that's the reason for less sound. A key to a clean home is to clean the filter well and change them when they look really dirty. I don't really find them awkward to dump….I just hold it over my trash can and dump the bin. I haven't used my canister vacuum in a year because our Wall-E (our Neato's name) does such a wonderful job!

  7. David Font

    I've been watching robot cleaning videos for two days, trying to decide which of these to buy. Your video is by far the most detailed. This is one of the first channels I've actually subscribed to in the past few days.

  8. Kyle Mostat

    Hey guys, Just wanted to add to this video. I have both a roomba and a neato. The neat does my 600 sqft house in 53 min. The roomba takes 1 hour and 8 minutes to do the same thing. Also The neato actually covers the whole floor where as the roomba misses some spots.

  9. Dave Anderson

    We have purchased both. The Neato performs better, but it failed after six months. We had the replacement sent and it lasted four months. This happened THREE times. Neato electronics finally said they would send us a refund…….took three months and several request. We went back to Roomba. Bad. Company.

  10. Lithus17

    I have the Neato XV-21 and my roommate has the Roomb 690. We paid about the same but I feel mine is superior. Here’s why:
    His zig-zags mindlessly missing large portions of the floor while going over the same spots 2-3 times. Mine will go in a linear pattern like you would do mowing a lawn. Not missing anything. This is because the Neato maps out the house with a laser.

    His waste bin is half the size of mine. And when his is full, it’ll keep trying to “clean” dragging debris around. The Neato will stop and notify.

    Um Lou…you do realize you could have simply held the units in your hand or mounted them table top for the trash bag test right? Instead of dancing around on the floor with them lol

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