Roomba i7+ Self-Emptying Vacuum (iRobot): Review and Unboxing Setup

iRobot’s Roomba i7+ Clean Base Vacuum Review! iAdapt 3.0 and Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum i7 Reviewed and Unboxed in this 2018 Setup Video. Featuring Automatic Dirt Disposal, Imprint Smart Mapping and the iRobot HOME App.

Purchase the iRobot Roomba i7+ Clean Base, Starting at $949:

Quick Specs (i7+ Reviewed Model)
Clean Base: Holds 30 Bins
Suction: 10x Older Models
Connectivity: iRobot App
Navigation: iAdapt 3.0
OS: Custom iRobot firmware

Complete Roomba i7 Specs:

Last iRobot Roomba (980) Unboxing & Review:

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Note: This is the latest 2018 Roomba i7+ Clean Base from iRobot

24 Replies to “Roomba i7+ Self-Emptying Vacuum (iRobot): Review and Unboxing Setup”

  1. Anony Moose

    I honestly would've preferred a bagless system, To me 'disposable' bags are just an excuse for the company to make more money off the consumer.
    This is the ONLY thing that has kept me from getting this, My Dirt-Devil has a bagless system, I just pull out the scoop and dump it in my trash.

  2. Debbie Albertson

    Your video was so helpful to me! I had ordered this vacuum and today when I knew it would be coming, I watched your video and downloaded the irobot app as you suggested. By the time the vacuum came at 7:45 pm, I knew exactly what to do. It took me 5 minutes to prepare, and then whoala! Mom's little helper began to clean….Thank you!

  3. Phyllis Fitzgerald

    I'm not sure I want to be tied to buying new bags every three months. Does the i7 come with a charger? I like all the features for the i7 plus except having to always be buying new bags for it. I would buy the i7 if it comes with a regular charger.

  4. John Christensen

    Just bought one for Christmas, however, I'm not a fan of having to constantly buy bags. I'm going to figure out a way to cut the bottom off the bag and use a 3d printed clip to close it off again. Probably get 3x the use out of the bag before having to throw it away. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before someone sells an adapter or cardboard (cheaper version) of the replacement bags.

  5. Rod Orsten

    I have purchased the Roomba i7. It is very expensive so I expected a product that worked well. I fought with it for over a week trying to get the smart mapping function to work. When I called help they said just do a factory reset and try again. Much faster to put it back in the box and take it back. I would recommend not purchasing one of these. The app is far from complete.

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