Roomba i7+ Review

The i7+ is the newest robot vacuum to join the iRobot cleaning family. But is it worth your money? Find out now with our complete Roomba i7+ review.

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41 Replies to “Roomba i7+ Review”

  1. Matt S

    iRobot is not the first vacuum with self emptying base. Samsung released a self emptying robot vac back in 2013 which I purchased and it is still running fine today. Also, the Samsung model does not require you to buy bags for the base, just lift the bin off the base and empty into the rubbish

  2. Andy Shank

    Any tests done on black/dark colored area rugs? My 690 will not even attempt them because it confuses the cliff sensors. I wish they would send out a software update or add a feature to resolve this issue. Does the i7 overcome this?

  3. Anavah 4Yeshua

    I have been wanting an I7+ for awhile now, but after reading what others have written, I have doubts. I have a 2 story house (only concerned w/ground level) that is pretty tight. (It’s shaped like a bowling lane, long & narrow) I also have 2 area rugs in the living room & 3 dogs. My question is, how much room does the I7 need around the docking? Does it eat low pile area rugs? Does really ball up dog hair & spit it out. These comments make me nervous!

  4. GodSin777

    been hearing a lot of negative about the i7 not being able to pickup hair, just balls it up and leaves it behind. Solution? they send you a new unit in hopes that its just a defective unit. One guy upon receiving the second unit (he has a video here on youtube) it still did not do the job. the i7 seems great.. but not so great if it cant do the job

  5. Rod Orsten

    I have purchased the Roomba i7. It is very expensive so I expected a product that worked well. I fought with it for over a week trying to get the smart mapping function to work. When I called help they said just do a factory reset and try again. Much faster to put it back in the box and take it back.

  6. Scott Eisen

    Have you done any tests of it going over a doorway threshold? I live in a older victorian house, and most rooms have a little threshold that separate the rooms…I see Roomba says it can to ones that are just under an inch tall, but curious with real world experience. Can't find anything else online.

  7. BassistGuy

    Modern Castle – You should review / check out the Neato D7. I watched several other videos a few months back comparing the Roomba 980 and the Neato D7, and the Neato D7 won my vote.The biggest reason was that I run it at night, and it uses a 360 degree laser to figure out where it is; the Roomba uses a camera, which (from the reviews I've read) needs the room to be at least somewhat lit up. Another reason was that I have several high pile rugs that the Neato has no problems going over.

  8. mouton noir

    While it's an ecologic disaster, you are supposed to trash the bags when they are full, not to empty them… that's how it has been marketed. Emptying those would be a pain in most case as the hole is too small. In any case, this is a deal breaker for me and I hope that greenpeace will go after them.

  9. troiano27

    I’m wondering, does the Roomba i7 need the lights on to work? I see it has a camera, for visual navigation. We have a pretty dark house, especially when we aren’t home. Do I need to have the lights on for it to do its job?

  10. Aaron Nunya

    Why on earth did Roomba go with a bag type filter. That’s 1970’s technology. This will be a losing fight with dog hair. Not buying one till they change to an easily emptied canister. Dumb dumb dumb!

  11. Samila

    The biggest annoyance I had with the 980 was that it would push around its base station rather than land on it to recharge. Does the i7+ dock work more reliably?

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