Roomba 980 VS Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo DETAILED Robot Vacuum Comparison

Roomba 980 on Ebay:
Samsung POWERbot R9350 on Ebay:

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23 Replies to “Roomba 980 VS Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo DETAILED Robot Vacuum Comparison”

  1. Michael

    Loud!?@#$# god damnit, people complain about anything. It's a vacuum! If you want quiet, go sweep your floor then you have quiet. People give negatives for anything now a days.

  2. pedzsan

    Note that at Costco, you can get a Roomba 985 which (seems) to be 100% like the 980 for $499. By the way, I've had mine for about a week. So far, so good. Its my third Roomba. Started off with the original. They definitely get better each time.

  3. Jason L

    I had a 9250 until it was stolen last week when my house was broken into. My complaints about the vacuum would be that it has destroyed a couple of USB cables and that it sometimes gets lost on the way back to the charger or even gets hung up while vacuuming, but those aren't big problems at all. You learn to keep small obstacles off the floor and to keep corridors clear. I'm sure I'll buy another one though, as I already miss it. It does a phenomenal job of cleaning. There is no way the suction of the Roomba or it's edge cleaning is comparable,

  4. wookie0dud

    I got proscenic and it works great… but if I had more money i would take samsung. Friend got roomba 980, works great but… it have only hepa filtrer. No prefilter before hepa sooo it will stuck in no time 😛

    Maping in roomba is genius but in my opinion samsung oes great job as well and on the internet you can find it in 2/3 price of roomba 😛 In my opinion roomba got good commercials but there was less thinkinh during building 😛

  5. sheilatuber

    What good is a review that does not add information? Why don't you find out such things as REAL POWER MEASUREMENTS in common standard units before putting such a video together? BOO!

  6. Aasim A

    I have a powerbot 9250 I love it really saved me time and money by using it every day , I have five cats and it's really hard to find a time to use upright vacuum every day but with Samsung vacuum i can run it and take a shower , it is not luxury for me I need it to keep cats hair and flee in control. But I recommend buying a warranty I've changed two different in one year.

  7. kmaezz

    I have that samsung ..and man ive tried about 17 times and it cant map the freaken house. Drives me crazy haha it stops and says move it or its been lifted …yea when i find it its flat on my hardwood floor ? and mine doesn't do the edges of my house very well 🙁 other thn that i love mine haha

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