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Automotive startups always need to be viewed with a little caution, but as Jonny Smith discovers, Rivian have presented a very convincing launch. A large SUV and pick up truck at the LA motor show. Most impressive.
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40 Replies to “Rivian – Electric Adventure Vehicle | Fully Charged”

  1. fourbypete

    If you had one of these and a hydrogen fueled generator you could extend the range of the vehicle to well over 4000klm and not need to worry about electrons. There is a new hydrogen generator that weighs only 75kgs and is the size of full sized luggage. You fill it with hygrogen and it produces 960 kwh of electricty. What an exciting future.

  2. Emma Forsythe

    OMG I found my next car!! This is beautiful and cheaper than the Tesla and OMG the way they thought through everything is stunning. I'm thinking of putting down a deposit vs waiting for them to come to market…

  3. savedfaves

    Amazon/Ford invested $700M/$500M (early-2019). They certainly have the cash, and a unique brand identity in a crowded space. Rivian look to be here to stay. It's not all roses, though: keep in mind, the specs spoken of here are for the high-end models (400+ mi), but prices mentioned are for entry models (230+ mi). These vehicles look great, but for now are for the wealthy.

  4. Tony Yao

    Under $70K, after discount $65K, what a good deal !!! Amazing, lol,,,,,, I Can't even afford $25K car, what you mean? A fully loaded will cost $100k, thank you, I bought a used F150 gas.

  5. Alex Shoi

    Будущее наступило . Осталось получить доступ к использованию . Когда появится в продаже ? Готов купить .

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