Ring Video Doorbell Captured Me Getting Electrocuted

I was installing a new light fixture on my front porch and didn’t bother turning off the circuit breaker and got shocked. Fortunately my Ring Video Doorbell caught this hysterical moment.
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14 Replies to “Ring Video Doorbell Captured Me Getting Electrocuted”

  1. Rufus477

    You're lucky. If it crossed your heart you'd be a dead man!
    You need to learn a little about AC voltage before playing around with it. There is a shock hazard from any of the conductors in a AC circuit, hot wire, neutral wire or ground conductor, under the right conditions.
    Best to turn off the breaker and make sure your feet/shoes are not wet and you're not standing in water. Don't play with electricity in your bare feet on any type of floor.
    An ole timer once gave me the best advice, "Always keep one hand in your pocket!"
    Good Luck and invest in a voltage detector or a decent voltage meter and use it to check and make certain the circuit is dead before working on it.

  2. Costa Apostolou

    don't ever do that, always turn off the breaker. Your lucky your muscles didn't tense up preventing you from letting go, people have died like this.

    Love my ring doorbell though,hopefully you learned a lesson lol.

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