Ring Doorbell Review After 3 Months of Usage

Here’s my review of the Ring Doorbell after 3 months of usage. The reason I’m doing it now is because the battery lasted exactly 3 months. I hope you guys like the video.

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47 Replies to “Ring Doorbell Review After 3 Months of Usage”

  1. KT

    Thanks for the video mate. Bought one same colour as yours. I’m fitting it tomorrow, and I’m also planning on running it using it’s battery. So this video has helped massively in terms of getting an idea how long the battery might last.

  2. Steven Nicholls

    I just bought my Ring DB yesterday and installed it. When I get a motion alert, I see nothing! There is nobody there, you are right about the delay effect, if I knew this I probably would not have bought it. Another thing I had a message saying that I had 28 days left to pay for a subscription. Hum I never saw on the package or was told by the hardware store that I had to subscribe to view my videos! If I knew that I would not have bought it! Right now I am not very happy about this Ring doorbell! Especially if I cannot see anything or anyone using the motion alerts, also someone rang the door bell and it did not detect anyone either, so should I return it for a refund only having it one day? Is there anything better for the same price or cheaper, please let me know. I am in Australia by the way.

  3. Rene Amaro

    Hi, I have an answer for you. I have two ring doorbells one in the front and one in the back for 2 years. The one in the back gets approximately I would say three months, but the one in the front only lasted about a month and a half. It doesn't matter so much how many alerts you get ,what matters is how much motion activity there is. I live in a apartment complex and my front door faces the pool and the walkway is about 13 ft away. Even though I have the motion sensor set for approximately 5 ft, it's still responding although not alerting. Which makes sense doesn't go dead. So that motion activity is causing my battery to drain rapidly because it's somewhat of a high traffic area. I ended up getting a wired adapter and that solved my problem of never having to worry about the battery. They're cheap and you can get them on eBay. I'm figuring it how to hardwire my back door so I can forget about battery charging because it's you know it's somewhat of a nuisance. Hope this help answer why the battery drains even though the doorbell may not be used that much.

  4. Phyoomz

    lol @ 0:58 "ring promised you at least six months to 12 months of battery life." Their website says it will last between 6-12 months with "normal use" or "approximately 1,000 notification events." It further says "the battery may deplete faster if your Ring is capturing a large number of motion events every day." So, you might have a lot of stuff going on in front of your device or you may have to make your notification zones smaller.

  5. Sophie T

    hello nice video I have the ring 2 and I dont know how to change the time it s two hrs different of the real time. and yes the motion does not alert immediatly

  6. thedarkageisnow

    Mine works perfectly and is connected to solar panel. Motion detection happens instantly most of the time and delayed but 5 seconds sometime. Had trouble at first but I factory reset as it wasn't connecting saying password or Internet problem. I fixed by factory resetting it. But working perfectly since then . Before this live view only worked 40% of the time. Now it's 97% of the time. Had for almost a year and I really think it's amazing.

  7. SmopuiM

    I bought 2 dahua cameras, one external and one internal with movement, both have cloud service for 5usd 7 days and 10 usd 1 month, both have sd card up to 120gb, both are 3mp, both are 100°, both are wifi, and both are always recording so when something triggers the camera 5 seconds before the trigger and till the trigger leaves it gets uploaded to the cloud so i think thats nice. chinese always innovating

  8. ubb4me

    The motion detection record delay is why I returned my Arlo system. I was getting videos of people walking away from my home. I could not see their faces. The cloud service is free though. Videos kept for a week. You can upgrade if you want.

  9. Destruccion+IVA

    I might be dumb, but what does it take to a burglar to just kick the shit out of that camera and destroy it in just a second? I thought that device was protected in a strong case or into the wall or something. But it's easy to remove with a simple kick or probably even a punch. And you will loose a pretty expensive hardware for no reason. I don't see this being very useful against any real threat to your house.

  10. CJ mactaggart

    6 months IF you hard wire it. And IF you have constant weather. Ours suddenly started picking up our poor neighbor after behaving for 2 months. We have it set for 5ft but it's picking up 20+ ft away.

  11. KingLord

    Ring doorbell doesn't do well in cold weather, battery life is zapped. With the cold in ny power will not jump above 9%, ring needs to look into that. tell me it will charge when warmer means no doorbell until spring, yeah ok. Telling me i need to remove it to recharge it doesn't fix the problem.

  12. Anthony Rail

    This is a great doorbell cam. I have it connected with my Armorax security system and I pay around $35/month for everything – professional monitoring, smartphone control, video and home automation. That’s cheaper than what other companies are charging for the same plan.

  13. Sharon Hyson

    I agree with you! I had the exact same issue! The battery does not charge fully to 100% in my case. 78%. Ring information cannot be relied upon! In addition, their installation & troubleshooting video are weak at best! Sorry I spent the $ on this device! They have a lot of iterations to go thru before this device is reliable!

  14. Ginger Passarelli

    Thank you for your review. I agree with everything you mentioned in your video. The battery life if you are using the wi-fi is only 3 months. If I would've known this, I would've hardwired from the get-go. Make sure not to tighten the security screws to tight. We were going to recharge the batteries, and couldn't unscrew them. I had to call Ring support. They must get a lot of complaints, because they agreed to send us a new doorbell in 3 days and told us to hammer it off the wall. My son and I were shocked. The representative told us to wrap a towel around a hammer and pound it off. Seriously? It was pretty easy to pop it right off the wall. The same thing has happened with my mother's Ring. We cannot unscrew the security screws. The Rep told us when you install it, you shouldn't tighten them to much. That should be mentioned in the installation instructions. They are impossible to unscrew. They are very small and seem stripped. Do we love our Ring? Absolutely! I would buy this bell again in a heartbeat. I love sitting at my desk downtown and knowing someone is at my front door. I can talk to them if need be. Buy this bell you won't be sorry. But I'd hardwire if possible.

  15. Heirphoto

    If you set this with a longer or wider range would it possibly spot the person sooner (further from the door) and therefore notify you sooner as well. Also sounds like hardwire notifies much faster

  16. Sophie K

    The more spendy security systems are wired, but have battery back up . This is important in those times you need it to work no matter what .Great information I researched for a couple weeks and we were divided PowPro and Ring.
    We got the ring 2 doorbell. I think some insulation around the battery might help.

  17. Matt AK77

    Fantastic review and thank you for posting! How long does it take to charge the device battery? I am thinking of getting one for my house, not hard wired either. Thx.

  18. James Foster

    this might be a little late, but you can get an after market solar charger with a battery backup. hook it up to the microusb port on the back of the ring device. its an unofficial device but that can help you until ring releases it (if they havent already done so)

  19. NicholasPOGM

    This doorbell is useless. The battery dies every 2 weeks and this is with the sensitivity way down and all the alerts off (except when someone rings the bell) and it still drains every 2 weeks! PLUS.. the solar panel they have for it WILL NOT WORK on flush mount and they send emails for you to buy products that will not work with this doorbell.



  20. CHRIS W

    Get a home phone charger if you don't have old school doorbell wiring and drill holes through your walls and the Ring bracket and plugging as if you're charging it.
    You can also get a construction extension cord and fish it through your wall from the basement or attic because who wants some random wire hanging out of there drywall.

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