Ring Doorbell 2 review, install and how it works

The Ring Doorbell 2 is a great way to protect your home and give you the ability to see whats going on when your not even there. After a lot of research i ended up going with the Doorbell. I picked up the Arlo pro 2 and i was not happy with the look of the cameras nor was i happy with the motion detection. I like that Ring designs there products to blend in a lil better with your home, so in my opinion it is a cleaner look. You can find this product and other Ring products at your local Bestbuy. So if your looking for some home security definitely check out Ring they have some nice products.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and got you thinking about shopping for security cams, its always nice to keep an eye on things especially during these times where crime is happening everywhere.

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41 Replies to “Ring Doorbell 2 review, install and how it works”

  1. Sherm Eagan

    Excellent review. Reassures me I didn't screw up anything in the setup. Still my two way sound doesn't seem to work but I think I was doing it exactly the way you did. I can listen to what's happening on my porch but visitors can't seem to hear me say "Come in" (or go away.)

  2. Brett Sorge

    One thing that is not clear. If you hardwire this unit into your house door chime do you need a transformer at the end of the wire? Usually most of these devices have something on the plug that adjusts the voltage.

  3. ms cali

    Hmm…not sure if I want security equipment that will blend in, I would want people to know there's security cameras before they even considered doing anything suspicious.

  4. Rob James

    The first few minutes I thought your speech sounded very familiar. Then I saw Dearborn Heights pop up on your phone. Right down the road from where I grew up in Redford Township.

  5. boe1956

    Very good video, thanks! Just wondering what happens when visitor sees the ring and your doorbell…which do most people ring and if they only ring your doorbell not the ring, then do u get notified?

  6. John Wynn

    ALL these reviews are PAID by Ring! This camera is piece of shit! mine just broke after one year! Just right after warranty is ended! Customer service soooo stupid and untrained! Offered me 99 dollars for the same one. Stupid China made junk!

  7. KingLord

    Ring 1 covered more area than ring 2. With 1 i could see stairs and part of my top landing but 2 even with 5 degree wedge still cuts them off. The video is better but wasn't expecting smaller area and both installed same hight. Look at camera lens, when its activated 4 red light, 2 on each side. App doesn't have that zone setting anymore

  8. Jill Rosenberg

    Thank you for this video! You went over a lot of things that other people left out of their videos. My main question was if it recorded audio if the bell wasn't rung. You answered it, with the clip you showed of yourself. Thank you!

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