Rimac C_Two, Mission E Cross-Turismo, Tesla Semi Maiden Trip – TEN Episode 200

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:

Bonkers (In a Good Way) –  Rimac unveils C_Two concept car in Geneva –
Grippy- Goodyear showcases new tyre technology designed specifically for electric cars
I4 on the way  – BMW confirms production plans for the i4 sedan — which will be based on the Vision Dynamics concept.
Smart EQ  – Mercedes Benz brings Smart Cars to the EQ brand –
Prototype – Audi showcases e-Tron prototype in Geneva, but doesn’t show final version just yet –
Cross-Turismo – Porsche unveils Mission E Cross Turismo in Geneva –
Are You Serious?  – VW Boss says Diesel could have a renaissance – , kills plans for electric VW Beetle
First Trip  – Tesla Semi prototypes make their first ‘delivery’ run from the Tesla Gigafactory in Reno, NV –  — and spotted at a supercharger station half-way
Make Moar!  – Chevrolet commits to making more Bolt EVs –  and adds “Incomplete model”
Priced – Jaguar iPace priced for U.S. Market
Pay Deal – Tesla’s major shareholders back Tesla’s pay deal for CEO Elon Musk.
On the Buses – Mercedes unveils new electric bus –
Switched- The tale of the former Opel CEO who has gone all -electric even if his former employer hasn’t.
Crazy Excuses  – D.J. gets off traffic ticket by arguing Tesla Autopilot was in control

50 Replies to “Rimac C_Two, Mission E Cross-Turismo, Tesla Semi Maiden Trip – TEN Episode 200”

  1. edwong3

    I don't care if anyone here claims to be an 'engineer". If he or she doesn't work at Tesla, then their opinions or speculations of about how the semi performs (range, battery tech, etc.) has zero credibility

  2. Jon Jennings

    Can BMW survive as a viable business if they are not bringing EV's out for 7 years, that's probably 5 years of not selling any cars to ordinary people. I'm a/ was a BMW fanboy, however my next car is going to be a Tesla Model 3, and I am going to convert my BMW e21 to an EV at some point. At Geneva BMW showed the M8 concept car, this to me showed that BMW is totally out of touch with what's happening and to be honest I don't think they are going to last, which is a great shame.

  3. blxtothis

    So the NEDC range under conditions applicable to the speeds mentioned will be what, 50 miles per charge? As for the pirates of VAG,, they are coming across like a Vape convertee of standing, extolling the virtues of tobacco, ‘it wasn’t so bad for you to smoke cigarettes actually!”

    ‘DJ Calypso’? He should have had his legs amputated and a name change as punishment. Idiots like him and those that have crashed while not maintaining proper care in Autopilot (there have been notable incidents in Tesla vehicles, including some with fatalities) will lead to clampdowns on the use of driver aids in the short-term by the authorities.

    Frankly not holding the wheel for as long as the system allows is too risky given the embryonic nature of autonomous systems and their weaknesses under certain conditions even without considering non-equipped fellow road users, potentially marvellous for the future of personal transport though they are.

    Keep it up Nicky, you and your team are real Trojans (I mean that as a compliment BTW!)

  4. Gerhard Kutt

    When you tell people about the specifications of a new car – without proof – it holds not water at all.
    Rimac needs to show it in reality – not just a claim …
    More shows like this please. No more slagging off Tesla based on hearsay …
    It is a pity that other car manufacturers are slow to bring proper electric cars on the road.
    It would be good if you include more basic specs of new models. Especially range, enginer power and battery pack size.
    I agree on not relying on Autopilot to do the driving right now, if only because everyone else does not have it – it is not about trusting your car – its about trusting all other drivers on the road to rely only on Auto pilot when it is still in beta mode.

  5. Steve Stier

    All of those new EVs and none of them within my price range. I understand why they prefer to build $100K cars. But personally, I don't give a damn about rich boys toys. I want to see more competition for the Nissan Leaf.

  6. Chris Muir

    Who makes the type of batteries Rimac is using? Panasonic/Tesla, at their Gigafactory.
    As for the "Bolt incomplete", it is probably a skateboard type chassis that can be fitted with various bodies. Expect to see lots of Bolt vans and Bolt pickup trucks.

  7. Sekir80

    Hi! Congrats for 200 episodes!
    One request only: The end music is generally about three times louder then you speaking. Very loud. Please, edit your upcoming videos with a less loud music. Thanks.

  8. Ecospider5

    DJ Calypso Said he got the ticket dismissed do to self driving but the courts have stated that had nothing to do with it and the ticket was dismissed because the traffic cop did not show up for the hearing.
    This is the first time I think you should do a retraction of one of your stories because that is such a misleading idea to have out there.
    Congratulations on your 200th show.

  9. Muskar

    I don't think Rimac C_Two is a concept car – at least not by traditional standards. C_Two as it is, is the prototype for their new production car released next year. Their first production car was called Concept One. They just have very confusing names. I heard C_Two may not be the final name of the car though. Its also worth noting that its acceleration figures include 1 ft rollout. And that the 400 mile range is NEDC, so unachievable, as we all know. It's probably closer to 250 miles.

  10. DevotionsVisage

    Congrats on 200! I've been here since a year or two, and i'll stay with you till all cars become electric ^^ Keep up the good work and quality content! Sending love to your family Nikki!

  11. Filipe Alexandre Sousa

    Just saw an news story about Helena Braga in our home country, Portugal, where she says the most amazing thing about the glass batteries: they do not degrate overtime like the lithium ion batteries, quite the contrary, these glass batteries increase their capacity overtime.

  12. Allan

    I'm not sure if the I-Pace is meant to compete with the Model X despite the company's claim. It looks like a great vehicle, but it's smaller than the Model S and I don't think it has towing capability, right?

    I would compare it to the Model S tbh.


    200!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats

    Supercars = supercost – this was the thing I hated about Tesla in the 1st place – they should have brought to market a budget consumer car first and then make a super for the super rich – Rimac is not learning from this – it is the masses that will sustain you if you bring them a decent cost effective product – IMHO

    Tires look like they will be good for hydroplaning :>) – I know tires can make a big difference – when I was looking at I Niro Hybrid I remember teh large MPG difference between the base and the touring – it was the slimmer tires on the base giving it a dramatic better difference then the wide ones on the touring model.

    So happy that VW bringing the Bus back but them talking diesel is just wrong.

    Hoping the increased Bolt production lets me get my order sooner!


  14. IMHO

    The Rimac C_Two will be an awesome car, but it won’t save the planet because I’m going to have to uncap 10 oil wells and start pumping 24/7 to be able to buy one.

    Maybe instead of making cars from unobtainium alloy, we can just give everyone an electric golf cart and crush the ICE vehicles for scrap. The problem is not too speed, range or charging speed if everyone drove one, they problem is when you drive one and say “sorry boss, I had to stop for 3 hrs to charge my golf cart enough to make it to work”, but your boss says “well that’s no excuse. The ones with $70,000 Tesla made it to work on time and only 30 minutes late if they need to charge.”

    Just give everyone a golf cart, and we will find a way to make it faster. LOL

  15. Andreas

    Thank you so much for all the quality content you have brought us, Nikki! I really appreciate it and enjoy watching your show every single time. Keep em coming and all the best for all of your crew!

  16. Bill Kerr

    Another busy week in the EV (and video production) world.
    This is the most reliable source of breaking and follow-up EV news, devoid of hype and factual. I share it everywhere. Make sure to share it with your friends. Resources like Transport Evolved help draw new owners into the EV community more than fan channels or half-informed car magazine videos.

  17. Macko

    German automakers:
    " Here is a drawing of a concept due in 2022 and in production about 2025.
    Ahh . .. and we don't have a charging network. But Tesla is garbage. "

  18. my user name is

    A semi…pulling a trailer …..jammed packed of Tesla batteries…stopped at a charging station to plug in.
    ::looks around the class to see if any1 is paying attention::
    Any1? Does any1 see the irony ?

  19. Robbie Surfer

    Why do you keep saying cars are competitors to the Model X, the I pace is much smaller than the X, you never compare the Nissan Leaf to the Model S, can we have some consistency

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