Review: Mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case Wirelessly Powers Your iPhone

Mophie’s Juice Pack Access battery case brings extra battery life and USB-C to the iPhone.
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21 Replies to “Review: Mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case Wirelessly Powers Your iPhone”

  1. Tim Possible

    An awkward design, slow charging, multiple cables, 80% protection and fingerprint magnet all for $120?!?
    For $10 more you can get the Apple smart case which has a clean design, decent charging speeds (also wireless), one cable needed, earpod support and longer lasting additional power

  2. Joseph Piervincenti

    Why is it that I always see that light blinking on top in videos of the XS/XS Max? Can anyone tell me what that is? I have the XR and it has the same true depth camera system but I've never seen my phone blink that way… anyone know what that is? Is it a feature I don't have turned on?

  3. alan piggin

    I wonder if you are using a gps activity recording app and a music app etc at the same time if this will actually charge your phone. I remember when I had the 5s the battery still declined sometimes with a 500ma power case attached.

  4. Mike's Back Yard

    I used a mophie juice pack once on my older iPhone. It actually USED more battery than it provided. That was the last time I ever considered one of these products. The only positive was the external storage capability. But as a battery pack, it was worthless.

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