Review: iPhone XS/Max & XR Smart Battery Case – Is it worth $129?

The new Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR is here. Is it worth $129? Read full review:


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48 Replies to “Review: iPhone XS/Max & XR Smart Battery Case – Is it worth $129?”

  1. Eric Barrios

    Mine doesn’t charge all the way during the night. I keep it on and put the charger on it. When I wake up, my phone battery is at 100% but the battery case is at 40%. On top of that. It’s ALWAYS charging my phone. Meaning it keeps my phone charging until the case goes to 0%, then my phone starts using its own battery. Meaning there’s no “smart” charging.

  2. Lüvv Sürya

    I have a question: Is it okay to plug the iPhone (with the case on) to the charger when the case-battery is completely or 80% depleted while the iPhone itself is at 90% or 100% (obviously) or, should one plug-in the iPhone (with the case on) only when the iPhone battery is at critical level i.e <20% (which also mean the case battery is already 100% depleted)?

  3. Life With KG

    I don't understand though, so if your phone is at 100% and your case is at 100% the case is going to be charging your phone at 100%? the case is wasting it's own battery life to keep it at 100%? there should have been a switch button to save your case battery life until your phone device really needs to be charged (My smart battery case is at 100% and so is my device) but it still showing that the case is charging my phone even though my phone is at 100%)

  4. achref nasri

    yes it's maybe a smart battery but i'm no dumb person also basic math do you used it ????:
    2700 mha battery case for only iphone Xs/ XsMax but not IPhone X form Apple with love = 129$
    6000 mha battery case for iphone X /Xs/Xr with wireless charge and front amplified speaker from "Vproof" = 39$

  5. tiapia1

    Tried to order one for my husband's XS but due to regulations they couldn't ship to Hawaii. Not even to the Apple store to pick up. Gonna have to wait until it comes into the store. Which leads me to question how come they can ship them to the store but not to me?!

  6. Rob h

    So since there's no on and off button and it charges soon as you put it on your phone what happens once the phone is fully charged? Does the case automatically start charging once the phone drops to 99% or does the case continue to charge and keep the phone charge even if its fully charged at 100%? And if that's the case what if you need the the extra juice later during the day but the case is dead because it stays using its battery all day? Wouldn't it make more since to have a on and off button so when you need or want to charge your phone you could just press the button to charge?

  7. Hudson homestead

    I would like to get the battery case, apple always seems to have to beat.But at 129 I have to think about it,because I bought a zero lemon battery case on eBay new for 25 bucks and it comes with a long warranty and actually works pretty darn it doesn’t have wireless charging or have the status on the screen but at 25 bucks compared to 129 I gotta think on it

  8. Albert Gutierrez

    I have this exact case but for my personal phone the iPhone 7 it’s a great case but sadly after one year of use it’s literally falling apart I’m sadden that I spent so much on a case and I only have one year of life it’s still going on but now I’m hesitant to buy it for my work cell the iPhone XR. Oh and FYI after only two months of use my lightning connector stopped working properly now I can’t use my headphones with my case I have to go wireless draining the battery more a real bummer.

  9. gjsterp

    Apple can add all the bells and whistles it wants,
    What I want is privacy, for me and my children!
    I want a switch to turn off my microphone and cameras.
    I want a sliding cover on the cameras to block any and all "remote" viewing.
    If you think no one is listening or watching, you're dumb wrong or you're brain dead.

  10. Mira

    Personally, it’s not worth it. My 30,000mAh power bank is just $25. 1300mAh is not even the 5% of the capacity of my powerbank. There are also other powerbank cases that would cost lower than that. Moreover, the battery of the iPhone X and XS are pretty good. But that’s just me.

  11. Brian Webb

    I didn’t want to want this… but, three words… Apple Car Play. For some reason. The $99 battery case I already bought for my Max does not like car play, and messes with it each time I use it with the case on. Rendering the case useless in the car. This one, expensive, but it’s Apple ??‍♂️. And it works better.

  12. Clark Kent

    If I take iPhone Xs Max case… Did work with iPhone 8 plus? I will cut hole for cam if iOS work with this battery case! And see them?

    IPhone Xs Max vs iPhone 8 Plus

    Height: 157,5 mm vs 158.4 mm
    Width: 77,4 mm vs 78.1 mam
    Thickness: 7.7 mm vs 7.5 mm

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