Review iHome IP9 Alarm Clock Radio / Universal Dock iPhone & iPod

Here is my review on the iHome IP9 guys. I really liked it except for the problem with the buzzing / interference sound driving me nuts. I’ll be returning it to Walmart, not sure if I’m going to exchange it or get a refund.
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43 Replies to “Review iHome IP9 Alarm Clock Radio / Universal Dock iPhone & iPod”

  1. James Broderick

    I have the same one and when I put my phone on charge I usually play my music on the speakers. I have a problem when I turn it on it won't connect to my phone and the speaker but it will charge my phone

  2. Bill B

    I have one my girlfriend gave me. I love it the only problem is the volume wheel sticks and i have to press hard to get it to turn. Now once i free it up its good,have taken the knob off and used rubbing alcohol to clean around the top figuring some thing was spilled on it,see now she bought it at a second hand store you never know what has been done to it.

  3. Mariah Chante

    Okay so I have this iHome in silver and every single picture I see of this thing the clock screen is black and the numbers light up. On mine it's opposite; the screen is white and the numbers are dark. It doesn't matter how dim you make the setting it's still ridiculously bright. If you know how to change it could you please tell me? Anyone?

  4. themanwithaplan808

    I don't think that's a defect. I have a different ihome and mine does the same when I put it on because there's that buzz but when I turn off the speakers it stops. All you need to do is turn off your speakers or play something.

  5. lel

    Yea it makes sense that the buzzing noise is coming from the phone itself because of the reception/radiation, it would've been better for an iPod Touch instead

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